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Spotted these two ladies on the IIFA Green Carpet and even though I couldn’t find a full length picture of Ayesha’s, am already put off by the bizarre top! Deepika on the other hand looked lovely by keeping it really simple and minimal in an absolutely gorgeous shade of blue.

Ayesha Takia
Deepika Padukone

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  1. somehow, i dont like how she is holding on to him.. or how he is supporting her.. whatevah.. but looks good.. could have done with a lil bling. RK looks ok ok

  2. Deepika looks fantastic, there is much to be said about models with style. These gals have access to all the designers and it’s nice to see someone use it to advantage!

    Ayesha has such a cute and beautiful face. No matter what she wears, she wears it with a smile and confidence. This is probably why she gets away with such hideous clothes. Imagine the ruckus that would’ve been created here had Vidya Balan worn the same outfit!

  3. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptSpotted these two ladies on the IIFA Green Carpet and even though I couldn’t find a full length picture of Ayesha’s (I’ll swap it out when I do), am already put off by the excessive layering action! Deepika on the other hand looked … […]

  4. Deepika looks gorgeous. Somewhat an undefined waist in this pic, but she’s gorgeous!

    I am never really bothered what Ayesha is wearing because she has such a cute personality that always takes over. She’s so likeable!

  5. nothing good about ayesha’s outfit ………but loved her smile and face , she looked so cute & sure had shed some pounds.
    on the other hand depika’s outfit is great ………but something is wrong with her face/ expression , which isn’t working for her and aren’t her eye brows getting more and more arched with time

  6. deepika looks stunning,thath’s an elle saab gown,i m pretty sure,if not then some designer(indian) copied it from him.but stunning.and there’s nothing wrong in how she is holding ranbir(he too looks good).ayesha looks disastrous (her figure ewwwwwwwwww..)

  7. Deepika looks good…but still something is amiss…I guess its her stoneface…which if u compare to
    Ms. Takia ‘s cute smiley one is even more noticeable! The dress looks like a edited version of that green dress Angelina Jolie wore recently…it looks like even the material used is the same…

  8. Deepika’s outfit – love it love it love it!!
    i can’t say the same about the hair and the make up. she could’ve had a bit shorter cut but light rolls.

    Ranbir – great hair style and looks but didn’t like the color and the style of the suit. maybe this gray would’ve looked good if it was a different design i mean single buttoned.

  9. agree with Soumya, Nadia and Stylo…Ayesha’s cute smile cover a lotof flaws.

    Deepika’s face is stone cold. you dont get any response.

    arm candy is delish but!

  10. Deepika is beginning to remind me of aishwariya. No matter how great the stuff she is wearing is I still don’t like it. I adore the blue but there is still a BUT that I can’t figure out why.

    While what Ayesha’s wearing is dreadful it still looks cute on her.

    The world’s spinning.

  11. Love Deepika’s outift but hate her makeup. It wouldve been fun to wearlight refreshing make-up with that outfit. And yeah wat is Ranbir wearing on his feet?

  12. deepika looks great, but then she always has expressionless eyes and cold face, so that a total put off.

    Ayesha on the other hand is cute as a button, and her lovely smile makes me overlook whatever she is wearing, she is adorable.


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