The Designer Face Off

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Both actresses modeled designers’ clothing at the IIFA Fashion Extravaganza, which designer-actress duo came out on top?

Ayesha Takia For Vikram Phadnis
Kareena Kapoor For Manish Malhotra


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  1. kareena, hands down.
    you know when you have slow loading internet and evrything is revealed pixel by pixel, well, when it was only aisha takia’s face showing i was like, “wow, she looks good,” but as soon as the kareena kapoor image loaded i was like “WOW WOW WOW, kareena hands down!”

  2. Designers these days seem to be going OTT with Blinggg… its so easy to let bling overshadow any design on the garment ( i mean like motifs, etc) …it just doesnt let the designer’s creative sense to do the talking! Its a rare sight to see some traditional work on clothes these days…It’s like bling is the new embroidery…both are similar styles…the corset/spaghetti like top, straight skirt, broad border on dupatta and the great Manish “pastel” Malhotra…I am bored! Can’t they Bsimple? :P

  3. Ayesha. Kareena has much more attitude but i that doesn’t have anything to do with the outfit.

    Love the red & black of the VP. MM’s pink and silver combo could be so nice if only there were a little less work on the lehenga… its so heavily embroidered that no details show up or stand out… not from these pictures at least.

    but in both – whats with the odd colored dupattas? new trend wot? me no like…

  4. Ayesha looks amazing. The pattern/embroidery/sequin work is not too overwhelming and she looks proportional in it!

    And I just don’t like Kareena :P She looks so full of herself as usual :P

  5. neither
    Ayesha looks pretty and the cut is really flattering, but I don’t like the pattern or the bling
    I think Kareena’s outfit is hideous, as is her hair, makeup and FAKE FAKE FAKE tan
    …she looks like a drag queen

  6. I don’t like either though I prefer Ayesha’s outfit.. I adore the red and yellow and even the embellishment in it but the black is yerrch. For me Black and colour do es not mix.

    And Kareena’s is yawn worthy and dated. I think wanted something similar in the year 2000. Now, not so much.

  7. How much ever I like kareena…Ayesha wins this one for me..infact VP wins..the dress is way better than MM’s version…

  8. i agree with priti…….. ayesha looked so pretty here and made that dress ( which’s better than MM but not outstanding) stand out .

  9. ayeshaaa loookss gorgeousssss!!!!!

    she is so prettyyy OMG
    luv her outfitttt

    kareennaa.///not so much…& she luks fugly as usual

  10. If you look at each separate..the dupatta, the top, and the lehenga, each one is exquisite. Keeping two pieces understated, then adding one of the separate would have showcased the beauty. Like the popular tamil saying goes, even too much amritam(nectar) becomes akin to poison. Way too busy and ostentatious! Vikram could still have worked this outfit if he had a black dupatta with red edging.

  11. it’s just way too much. too busy, as people before me have said, @foxie and @bsimple, just WAY too much bling that you can’t actually “see” any design.

    Yeh i agree with u Priyanka…a black dupatta with a red edging would have looked better!

  12. neither…
    ayesha & VP: nothing new, except for diff dupatta which doesn’t add to the outfit (for me anyway)
    kareena & MM: too much going on, no sense of strong connection b/w top, bottom and dupatta

  13. finding manish’s “new” designs is like watching reruns of ‘everybody loves raymond’
    it’s just not that funny anymore

  14. I think both the outfits are tolerable but not exceptional,nothing striking.Having to choose I prefer Kareenas, its more summerish-like the cream dupatta-love the whole brocade-zardozi combination and MM could have done so much more with it.The dupatta and top look unconnected.While Ayeshas outfit is more matched,the black and red combination is a strict no no for me and very boring.

  15. I think both the designer (esp MM) are trying the Sabyasachi’s mismatched style. Unfortunately none of two has the same flair about it. MM’s outfit looks way too mismatched.

  16. Trust Kareena to be always OTT.. whether its the pose or the costume.. the dress has soo many colours , its makiing me dizzzzzzy!
    Takia seems to have lost weight, like the ghagra on takia.. but thats about it.. the dupatta seems to be taking away the glamour of the dress..

  17. Kareena is almost the same orange as that dupatta she’s wearing. But I like how she is posing like a little girl pretending to be a supermodel. Also glad she put size zero behind her…


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