Hot For Pink

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Soniya makes the look work for her… Despite the cropped tee. Didn’t we say, she does do the part playful, part boho thing real well?

As for Prerna, head-to-toe fabulous. The woman can do no wrong! We love.

Prerna Goel (Left) And Soniya Mehra At LFW WInter/Festive 2011

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Everyone seems to be in a rush these days.
    Some people forget their pants.
    Some people forget to notice others are not wearing pants.

    Whats the hurry?

  2. “Didn’t we say, she does do the part playful, part boho thing real well?”

    yes, you did. but you will have to say it a few more times before that view catches on.

    as for prerna, “The woman can do no wrong! ”

    yes she can. she forgot her PANTS.

  3. Hahahahahaha….someone who liked this look In Tibi would obviuosly think Prerna could do no wrong….rather only people who’ve decided she can do no wrong, would like half her looks.

  4. prerna’s look is one year too late! the sartorialist and garance gushed over these ‘long blazers that make you look like you forgot your pants’ looks long time ago!!

  5. oops.. looks like someone forgot her pants…as lovely as Prerna is this is just not working…oversized blazer with short shorts/skirts…really..??
    like Sonia Mehra’s look but was tht headband really needded..? Not sure abt tht…really wish Sonia would take it easy n would show up in a simple jeans n tee…she is always dressed up n looks like tryin hard to make a statement…

  6. beg to differ on prerna here,looks like she got a reminder call and rushed to the show…either jacket a lil short or lobger shirt ,if not definately with pants !!!


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