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Both outfits, ‘oh-so-very-pink’. Both outfits couldn’t be more different. While we love Shabana’s pink, Rosa only made us see red…

Rosa Catalano At HDIL Couture Week
Shabana Azmi (With Javed Akhtar) At HDIL Couture Week

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  1. Is that the same Stella McCartney Sonam wore in pink (I have seen it in pink), or did I really not get enough sleep last night ?
    LOVE LOVE LOVE Shabana’s, she looks so …mod. :)

  2. LOVEEEE Shabana’s whole look! She looks fabulous… her hair, her makeup, everything looks so fresh! I’m glad she left the stinkin sharks ear rings at the dresser this time… :)

  3. @pdearvo: I was wondering the same. It looks like the Stella McCartney dress Sonam wore to some party. Is it? I think I like the black version in comparison. And what’s with those red boots!!

    Shabana looks beautiful.

  4. pdaervo and adi… i thought the same thing about the dress! the design looks identical to the stella mccartney dress sonam wore.i like the black better too

    love shabana’s sari.. she wears it so elegantly!

  5. Love Shabana’s saree .. am stumped as to who the designer is .. well, Shabana is not one for regularly sporting labels, for all you know she bought it at some by the way store and made the whole look work … this is so her!

  6. Don’t go mad on the boots girls!!! I’m dead sure those are the awesome betsey johnsons! I LOVE THE BOOTS. Don’t care for the saree or the dress but those are awesome boots. The dress could have been cute maybe but rosa’s too pink for that pink.


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