A Hard Nut To Crack- Part Deux

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At Mtv Splitsvilla De Talli Event
At A Nail Spa Launch

Hard Kaur sure likes to keep people guessing (and its not the first time either) about her ‘style’ choices… First, she gave us two really downright-downer looks last month but then she surprisingly pulled herself together at the Marie Claire anniversary party (relatively speaking of course)!

Marie Claire Second Anniversary Party

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  1. If it were any one else I would’ve been wthyy but her personality is kind of loud and Don’t give a F*** [ rock chick-esq] so I think she can carry them off much better than any ole miss-ish girl/actor/singer/whatever in her place. It’s all in the attitude and I think she’s got it.

    btw she also sings along with esl in ‘move your body’ from johnny gaddar

  2. nooooooo.. i know soha is bad dresser.. but please don’t say ms. kaur resembles her.. from certain angle she does though.. oh soha soha

  3. I just remembered I’ve seen the green thing, she’s wearing , somewhere. It was a much deeper green with no yellows in it. But the same print. This isn’t designer is it.

    And yeah she kinda looks like Soha. From what I remember [quick search confirms] they’re the same age. One loves to be the wall flower while the goes mad dressing up.. fun being them, eh?

  4. …I love Hard Kaur :)
    she does sort of look like Soha…But she was onle of the only people I’ve ever seen look good preforming at the Zee Cine awards
    also, I just registerd, but I don’t see any edit options :/ ?

  5. this sounds a bit harsh but she really is unimportant and totally beneath p & p. hip hop stars like ishq vector are cool but she’s just yucky.

  6. I know she wants to look hip-hoppy and all that. And if like a few here have said, she doesn’t give a damn about any sartorial critique, it’s very cool.

    But maybe she can consider going for softer hairstyles that don’t emphasize her harsher features. She actually has quite a nice face, if only she would help herself.

  7. well…it suits her personality…i know i would actually never have the balls to rock up like that, and she does and she doesn’t care. so i more than anything admire her for her courage!

    @Sharika…Ishq Bector…i’m always in confusion with him, on one hand i love his songs, and on the other, the lyrics to “Aye Hip Hopper” are just so wrong!

    Thanks P&P,would have never spotted it otherwise!

  9. yeps..i even logged out and signed in again. *sigh*

    and omg wow Jaishree! We have a celeb in our midst! Do you still style?

  10. i’m sorry for sounding like a snob but she only moved to mumbai as she’s a nobody here in england. she’s quite trashy. @belle, yeah ishq bector’s lyrics were wrong but i think it was tongue in cheek. i don’t think he meant it (i hope)

  11. Thanks Priyanka and Belle,I actually started designing last year,switching over from being a lawyer.I had an exhibition in Bombay in January which is when Hard Kaur picked up that dress and other stuff. I am so glad she wore it-thought it would land up at the back of her cupboard.LOL!


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