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No declaration of an Upgrade only to be followed with the words “in comparison” this time around… It was a clear win. Loved Ms. Panag’s recent appearance.

Gul Panag At NDTV Car And Bike Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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      • Exactly! She has the same, heart-shaped face and dimples, though Gul has more delicate features.

        Now, as for her appearance – I wish she would grow out her hair! A shoulder-length cut would do wonders for her. Honestly, the outfit isn’t all that great, and given that she’s top heavy, crewnecks make her looked unbalanced. But, for her (she of the endless crappy t-shirts) this is a major upgrade. She’s on the right track!

  1. A clear win? Really? Looks like she’s going to work at the bank and will probably pick up coffee for the bosses before she gets there. Dislike.


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