Guess Who Made It To Front Row?

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Spotted Shilpa Shetty at the Louis Vuitton Fall 08 show!! Its the Paris Fashion Week and she was front row!!

While its normal for front-row attendees to wear or carry something from the designer whose show they are attending…I just have to fault Shilpa’s stole! Is the monogrammed shawl the best she could do? Really?

Also, check her arm candy out… She is carrying the LV Joke Bag (thats what it is called!)! The bag has jokes by Henny Youngman and the logo is designed by artist Richard Prince, who is known for his Jokes series work pertaining to sexual frustrations and middle-class American mentality. And so the bag has quite a bit of sexist jokes on it and is called ‘The Joke Bag’! Made the connection?

You might scoff at her ‘Big Brother’ tide of fame but look where it got her and hey if she is front-row at Paris Fashion Week, she gets top billing from us! It might be Kareena who wants to be like Victoria Beckham but look who has an ‘in’ with Marc Jacobs!! Let the claws come out!

Shilpa With Marc Jacobs

Kareena In Vogue

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  1. As an Indian living in Dubai, Shilpa was a pleasure to watch on Big Brother, she held herself with grace and dignity. Now in India we want to make fun of her is another story, but do remember she has acted with the top guys in India and is not exactly an unknown in India. But compared to those hideous Jade Goody (no goody two shoes)and the other members in the house with her, she will be remembered by Britain (white) as the person who has left the BIGGEST impression on the show, such that the ratings went through the roof etc. She will afterall like to capitalize on her fame from the show (who would not), and good for her making it from what we Indians call C Grade actor to front row at LV show IN PARIS no less – says a lot of what the West thinks of her…right?

  2. Lucky her!! I don’t know if it’s her face…no matter what dress she wears, no matter which foreign designer she wears, she still looks typical indian…not that anything’s wrong with that but she just doesn’t have an international look unlike Aishwarya and Kareena. I don’t mean to say this in a cynical way…it is obviously good to stand out in the crowd however, i don’t care much for shilpa.

  3. It’s good to see an Indian person present at an international fashion event since, but it’s obvious that she will be at that particular show because she is the brand ambassador for LV in India.

  4. wow, shilpa is big huh? never get to know these things in the U.S. oh well, good for her! y’know what gets to me is that comment kareena made about wanting to look like victoria beckham. why, kareena, why?!!

  5. shilpa is definitely seeing the world…while all the other girls were busy fightin each other n starvin themslves skinny…

    shilpa got herself an international status.

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