Good Ol’ Gold On The Red Carpet

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Actress Ellen Burstyn walked the red carpet at the recent SAG Awards, decked in heavy, traditional, Indian jewelry… And got to admit, I don’t get her choice of clothes, and definitely don’t get how that jewelry and those clothes even go together….


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  1. This elegant woman is twice the age of 98% of the inexperienced, childish twits who walk the red carpet, or who feel compelled, or qualified, to make fashion comments. She obviously chooses to adorn herself according to what makes her feel comfortable.

    What “choice of clothes” DO you get? Cate Blanchett or Teri Hatcher’s upholstry? Ellen Page’s dull, plain black, or Sandra Oh, wrapped up like a baby shower gift? Perhaps you “get” Jane Krakowsky’s Birthday Cake!

    Debra Messing looked stunning. Ms. Burstyn did too. Perhaps when you reach her age you will “get it,” but I guarantee, unlike her, you will no longer be in Hollywood

  2. i luv her earring..but even indian ppl dun wear such heavy necklaces…but nonetheless tht women has class and taste tho…

    im jus glad india is seen on the red carpets

  3. true girls… what she’s wearing is fitting for someone her age. and u can’t expect very traditional indian jewellery to go with any kind of western clothing. nevertheless, i think she pulls it off very well, way better than a lot of (and younger) hollywood actresses who pair their indian/amrapali jewels with long flowing gowns and mismatched colours

  4. Well no one is contesting the fact that she is an elegant, striking woman but hey the fact still remains that while she is all dignified and elegant, her clothes are sort of strange and that jewelry while beautiful just doesn’t gel! she still pulls it off i guess, maybe because once you get that age, who cares??!! Even then, strange outfit, strange choice of jewelry!

  5. I agree with the “anonymous” above…get over it people…you have to be blind to see that the clothes are an octogenarian mess!


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