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Hey P&P,

Can you guys please help me find this gold dress that I saw on Priya Chatwal, back in March of this year? I really like it and want to get it.




The dress that Priya Chatwal had on at the Pal Zileri launch was a 3.1 Phillip Lim pleated strapless dress… And, you got lucky coz its on sale right now!

We like the dress too, write in when you get it! :)

Vikram And Priya Chatwal


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  1. Hey Guys!
    Who is hosting this web site…Lack of taste lack of comments lack of knowledge and just lack of good choice of work….I guess Shit sells

  2. To purnima walter/jags/WZCraft,
    It is great that you have an opinion and we would love to publish it, but it is annoying when you keep posting the same stuff with different aliases.

    In case you don’t know, all IP addresses get recorded when you post a comment, so it does not take a genius to realize that it is the same person commenting again and again! ;)

    To be nice, we will approve one of the many that you posted… cuz, we don’t shy away from criticism!

  3. hmm don’t like the dress.. on priya that is..
    she looks ugly here…
    her sis charu is definatly the preetier of two
    no comments on clown husband LOL

  4. but seriously, is a nylon-and-viscose dress worth so much? i live in india and multiply dollars by 40 and that’s a hell of a lot of money for something like this!

  5. Payal….
    That is the point….you need to not look at it as critisim..its just making you guys aware of what you are letting public read…U guys are just destroying the world even if it means fromt his frivilous site…this is a public comp so it could be diff people or just a group that does not agree with you guys…so maybe just be kind..or be RIGHT………… thats all that is there…make this more productive as some of your stuff can be good…dont be airry try and make this more constructive.as a fashion lover and follower guess you should respect this…..a well wisher.

  6. To Jags:

    For someone who finds the content on this site to be so unworthy, you surely spent time commenting….more than once! Last laugh is on you!

  7. You are definitely being the bigger person here, P&P. To Jags– don’t tell them to change the content of their website and (or) their opinions on fashion because *you* and your “group” of people don’t exactly agree. There are thousands of us who check this site out daily who love it and it’s not because we always agree with P&P but it’s because we may like fashion and would like to see what Indian celebs are wearing these days. I, for one, love the fact that this site features mostly Indian celebs –the women who look like me, speak like me, and come from *my* country with the same culture/attitude. I don’t really feel the need to say anything to P&P personally — but guys, thank you so much for such an awesome website. Every day, I check my emails, I check this site, and then maybe CNN or BBC..and that’s a maybe..:D Love what you guys do..keep it up.

    Edit: Not A Sheep, had to edit a bit! you know why! ;)

  8. Oh yeah..and I don’t really like that dress :/ Maybe it’s just me..or maybe it’s because I’d look like I was wearing a shiny potato sack if I tried it on.

  9. i’m sorry to keep harping at Jags, but i have a problem with her statement that reads “it could be diff people or just a group that does not agree with you guys…so maybe just be kind..or be RIGHT”.

    the subject of fashion is subjective and not objective like math or science, where there is a clear, definite answer. look up the definition of subjective first. fyi, fashion or art for that matter is meant to be personal and fun, while there is a venue to be serious. but i think P&P are just doing what they love and sharing that with others who may or may nor agree.

    maybe you should start your own blog?

    i’m done now.

  10. Priya and Charu have a strange sort of beauty … pretty yet creepy !!!

    and their likeness in features and always ‘over madeup’ look adds to it .

    LIKE the dress though !!!!

  11. I jus dun get it tht ppl who consider this site of no merit n crass, y do they evn bother to go thru it in such detailed fashion, i mean comeon thr r zillion othr sites n em sure atleast one among them wud match ur panache thn y linger ovr hear, n dearie trying to covr up by sayin it’s a grp of ppl n wht not, whoa! well dun u think it’s a bit too much of a co-incidence tht whoever gets on da web frm dis server is always a highheel adversary……dis is so ovr n done wid, nxt tym whn u plan on crticizing smone to fight ur own demons thn pls atleast hv da heart to accept it on ur face.
    Even thru the medium of web u need a façade, can’t face da music urslf ha!

  12. i dont like the dress.. and hey.. if we are entitled to our opinion. then dear jagssss is too.. only its something we should ignore, coz she just doesnt understand if she is coming or going..

  13. wow…i really don’t seem to have the time to hear out anyone else opinions…i have mine and shall share them…read it if you want or move on…this site is about fashion and blogs are about opnions…so this being a fashion blog is about FASHION-ABLE OPINIONS…so lets not take things personally here…besides…whats up with priyas weird length bangs…they need to be longer and she needs help with her make up..the dress does look nice on her though

  14. nah dont like the dress..but boy oh boy …it started a rage in here..that always happens dears when u become popular…so enjoy this success P&P :D


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