Getting It Right With Tights

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Spotted Simone Singh at the Chateau d’Ori launch, and she totally worked her look with some fabulous black tights…perhaps the hottest trend of the moment! Slimming and Fall/Winter perfect, what more could you ask for…

Take a peak at some of these other ladies working the trend…

Left: Kate Moss
Right: Paris Hilton

Left: Sienna Miller
Right: Zooey Deschanel


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  1. Hey its neat you find this trent hot.. so do I…

    but the thinks otherwise.. they have an article on simon’s clothing and totally thrashed it.. well they thrash everything anyway :D

  2. I really love her sense of dressing,I have a quick question. I have the same long pearl necklace that simone is wearing. How to wear it like simone .For me the pearl strands come closer not unlike simone’s which are apread out a bit.



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