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Bollywood’s obsession with this shade of blue is pretty well documented by now so we won’t even go there… Despite the eyeball gauging hue and the matchy eye-makeup, she makes it work. Almost.

We miss the Genelia of yore. Remember this and this? We fear she might be falling into the cookie-cutter-safe-starlet-stereotype mould. Here’s hoping we are proven wrong…!

Catch more pics at ‘The Gallery’.


Genelia D’Souza At Ramesh Taurani’s 25th Wedding Anniversary Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Almost indeed…and it’s probably because this shade of blue looks good on our skin tones
    Girl has such a pretty face though, it pulls her through.

  2. wo…wat happened to her face?!!!! almost didnt recognize her….and she lookts HORRIBLE here!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeks!! wat happened genelia babe?

  3. ok how cheap does the belt look? I have no clue how you guys think she is making this work. Even if you say almost. If it was anyone else I think you guys would not be so forgiving.

  4. She is looking fine, though face /smile looks plastic-Dress is fine.

    Payal/Priya- can one ever use blue liner/shadow? with what colours?

  5. I think she luks cute but something is different about her face …. don’t know if it’s the hairstyle or if shez lost weight … it’s a little off.
    But I luv her anywayz :D

  6. She looks like some wannabe uptown villager. That sad makeup and asymmetrical hallucinating color dress is sad…

    she looks pretty whn she doesnt put a lot of effort.

  7. That dress is horrendous! Asymmetrical hemlines for no rhyme or reason look so bad, and so does the belt, because it does not give the dress any shape which destroys the purpose of it. The same dress cut off above the knee and worn without the belt, would have looked cute and flirty. She is beautiful but needs to be styled properly…like Frieda!


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