A Mrs. Khan Sighting

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Fab or Drab? In either case, much better than this debacle!!



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  1. why on earth is her skin so bloody shiny…..every single time! and that hair….dear god! i always go ‘what a waste!’ whenever i see her…by that i mean the money that she spends on those clothes and shoes

  2. the Clutch is Chanel clutch.. it has Chanel written on the closure part, one alphabet on each of the brick fascing upward in red.
    ill try finding a picture.. its from one of the resort collection.

  3. can someone tell me what she did with herself?? i loved this lady!! she looks fine here…but her face is always so shiny!! what happened to that lovely smile she had!! her smile looks soooo forced these days!!

  4. This whole look is all wrong, does this woman not realize what heels are made for??!! Is she taller than SRK, is that the reason she insists on wearing these ridiculous flip-flops every place??

    Also, loll @ Karishma, soooo true!

  5. Whoa the first thing I thought when I saw the pic is: “Omg what has she done to her eyebrows?!” They are a bit too high, no? Noo gauri don’t go that way pleaseee.

  6. why does she always, and i mean always always always – have to wear those off-shoulder/shoulder baring/boobs popping dresses? i have never seen her in anything otherwise!

  7. the way she’s posing in the 2nd photo – that can only be done properly in heels – in flip flops it just looks weird.. i think she should let her hair down when she wears strapless dresses, to soften her face..

    she’s defying eyebrow rules i think – the high point should always be past the center of the eye – otherwise u’ll just look permanently puzzled.

  8. her eyebrows look way too unnatural. her dress looks like a doily. the white colour only enhances the wierd bronze glow of her skin. if she’s spent all that money on her face i wonder why she doesn’t match it with nice footwear.

  9. Sort of a cute dress, but a much cuter woman! Sexy clutch…but dodgy footwear.
    I heard that she got some perma party gloss or something, dats why her face is always shiny.

  10. She looks nice here but she needs to cut down on the tanning and make-up.

    I don’t mind the flip flops. She’s wearing an easy summer dress so the flip flops work just fine.

  11. she doesn’t even look anything like the person she was 8 – 10 years ago if you look up old pics on the internet. even her skin tone is different.


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