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Shabana has been spotted in this outfit twice before… third time’s the charm?

shabana-azmi-ftii-pink-salwar-again-1.jpg shabana-azmi-ftii-pink-salwar-again.jpg

Shabana Azmi At FTII


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  1. my eyes jsut traveled to the earrings… 189th time’s a charm?

    I repeat jewelry, but then again I can’t afford mass amounts whereas Mrs. Azmi is fully capable!

  2. Why is it such a sin to repeat clothes or jewelry? We all do wear clothes that we feel really comfortable in again and again and again..nothing wrong with that. People who wear a different outfit everyday are a small minority (I like to think!). I don’t like the accessories here, but the outfit has nice colors.

  3. I found the outfit charming enough in the first two outings, that she doesn’t need to wear it a third time solely to see if “third time’s a charm” rings true for her.
    Having said that, I wouldn’t mind if she repeated this outfit as its definitely elegant and sophisticated.


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