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Simone Singh
Drashta Sarvaiya SS 07

The silhouette makes me think Simone is in Drashta Sarvaiya, its pretty identical barring the print itself. I actually prefer the smaller print far more than the bigger abstract print that Simone has on.

On her frame, I think the big print overwhelms her and instead would have loved to see the smaller print version on her!

People are often wary of prints but there really is no reason to be. If the print is busy, keep everything else easy and minimal and print free. If you are of bigger built, then choose prints that have a vertical flow rather than horizontal. There is no reason to stray from bigger prints, however, if you are petite in stature then avoid bigger prints (like in the case of Simone) as they can overwhelm. If print shy, start with clothes that have no more than two colors.

Its summer, embrace the print! In any case, confidence goes with chic, so wear your clothes well! :)

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  1. dis is so jaded, my dad got me a similar style in red 6-7 yrs ago from Europe, I wore it as a teen so jus seems so out to me

  2. the drashta dress is cute. colourful prints are very in in europe right now but i think it’s only going to be for the summer. (i’m writing from london).

  3. Desi designers do so terribly often knockoff/ copy “western” designers shamelessly and then these clothes are such awful copies…makes me sad as there are sooooo many talented designers in india.


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