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We love the dress in both of its avatars and quite honestly think both women wear it well… But, have got to admit… am certainly partial to the black one on Koko! Do I hear… “Smokin'”??!!


Left: Nina Manuel At Gucci SE Series Watch Launch
Right: Konkona Sen Sharma (With Farhan Akhtar) On Filmfare

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  1. look at that (naughty) innocence on Koko’s face.. Farhan and Koko both look gud on the cover.. Like Koko’s version more.. she is better styled..

  2. konkana looks lovely and i just love farhan!!
    they are not dating
    farhan is married with kids,
    they are probably talkin about there new movie LUCK BY CHANCE

  3. Koko and her aren’t dating. They’re just part of a new movie “Luck By Chance”.
    He’ married with children, and she’s about to marry Ranvir Shorey.

  4. i love the dress on Koko..i think her curves suit the dress better than Nina, and she and Farhan look really good on the cover..i can’t wait to see their new movie! :)

  5. Hey konkona looks hot on the cover…and farhan is just too cute..like a teddy bear..i’d love to hug him ;) but he’s a married man sigh lol

    miss sen looks fierce and the black dress gets my vote

  6. omg!! both koko and farhan look wow!! and definetly hot couple, can’t wait to see the movie

    like koko’s black version better.

    1 complain about the cover, why do they look like they were photographed separetly and then put together, wish there was some sort of connection between them, just simple hand on her arm would be fine, then the cover would be better.

  7. Lovely! And yes the black version is prettier of the two; I don’t like the grey patches on the white dress – kind of spoils the beauty of the dress.

  8. I love Farhan. They both look so natural! And I love Koko’s face. She has beautiful and expressive eyes. She looks great in that dress.

  9. I actually thought farhan was holding Konkona’s hand and I was liking the cover even more for it. I just realized it’s her own hand :-).


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