In Naeem Khan

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Eva was spotted in yet another Naeem Khan dress (Via Red Carpet) and looked fabulous! Wonder how long it’ll be before we spot some this side of the pond…

(p.s: Doesn’t her short crop totally remind you of Gul? The Do’ isn’t working on either of them!)


Eva Longoria Parker

Photo Credit: Wire Image

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  1. i actually don’t mind the hair.

    also, mahima should take notes from eva on how to wear a long dress and strapless shoes and create a longer silhouette!

  2. I’m a full on BOB-Gal :), but Eva doesn’t play her’s up the way she should ( she had to cut it for the show, in order to look older and …momish so…)
    LOVE Neem Khan, when I first saw the post I got exited and thought a Desi celeb FINALLY wore him but…love Eva anyway, and I think the length is fine, she’s very short


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