Face Off: The LBD Edition

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The Bottega Veneta event also had these ladies in attendance who chose black dresses to pair their BV Knots with. While we won’t tell you who got our vote, we will spill the beans on who didn’t… Sonia. Moving past the dress for a moment, the rosette belt just killed it for us. Completely and totally.


L To R: Ekta Raheja, Sonia Garware And Mandira Bedi At The Bottega Veneta Store In Mumbai

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    • I agree ! Love her make up also . Mandira looks good as well !

      Now the person in the middle – Wow ! Is she modeling for “What not to wear” or what? And that shade of lipstick is giving me a headache
      already !

  1. Ekta Raheja looks elegantly feminine, as usual. Sonia Garware looks completely OFF, as usual. Mandira Bedi looks very meh and a little tacky , as usual.

    All in all, nothing out of the ordinary :)

    P.S- I love Ekta’s dress but Missoni has to be THE least creative brand, ever.

      • If I am not mistaken there is extra duties/taxes if you buy in India. Most of them probably bought it from outside of India to avoid that.

        • Mumbai has a sizeable population of billionaires/ bollywood stars because of the extreme inequality in the city. According to Forbes its one of the top ten cities in the world by the number of billionaires. Also, Bollywood is the world’s second richest film industry.

          So there’s no need to feel complexy just because an extremely small fraction of the city can affford BV knots and other luxe accesories!!! :)

          Also, imported luxury goods cost almost twice as much in India as they do outside of the country because of the huge taxes on luxury goods!!

    • rashmi i know for sure that you save on paying sales tax that you otherwise pay in the us.
      i bought a bag this summer in india and the price i was quoted was inclusive of all taxes/vat and i ended up saving the sales tax that i would have had to pay in the usa, for the same bag.
      so basically you pay tax in india as well but when they quote you a price the tax is included in that amount….does that make sense.
      i think prices in places like dubai, hong kong, singapore might be even better than india.

      • @ gaga:

        First of all, wether you pay Value Added Tax or you pay sales, you are still paying a tax :) and actually the tax burden is more on the consumer when you pay VAT than sales tax

        Also, India imposes a huge tax on imported luxury goods so it is definetely (and unfortunately) more expensive to buy an international designer in India than in the US

        P.S sorry for all the commerce/math talk

        • @Chocolate Martini…pls reread my post :)
          i said the same thing…you do pay tax in india as well.
          the price i paid in india was the same here in the us but before they add the sales tax. we pay 9.75% of sales tax in ca.

          • Thank you guys for answering my questions. Sold Out?? Wow! Mumbaiites do have quite deep pockets I agree what with the Movie Industry flourishing. Now I REALLY need to focus on my dream of making movies. :) throw in a GOOD story and an awesome Production House with an Amazing Director and voila you have a Hit which equals to MANY Bottega Venetas!! ha ha!!

    • I read an article in Times of India, that they have something like “Bag borrow or steal” in India called Bagsutra or something where you pay an annual fees of rs. 10000 to join and then pay rs 1000 to 2000 to rent a bag each time. I would imagine some of the B listers might be doing that as well.

      Although I also agree with other people that luxury goods just fly off the shelf in India because of the Billi (Billionaire) club.

      • @ gaga : you misunderstood me :) I meant that VAT is actually equivalent of sales tax and the customer shoulders MORE of the tax burden when they pay VAT so your idea of paying less because you pay VAT is a little flawed .Plus, like I already said, luxury taxes

  2. I like Ekta Raheja’s dress …simple and chic.It looks like a sweater dress (no indian model wears leggings) ….why do i have the feeling i have seen the knock-off of this dress somewhere in some other color.

    Mandira is looking good and more formally dressed.

    Is it cold in mumbai ?people are wearing sweater dresses ,mock neck dresses..both are winter styles..but who cares.

  3. looking at the ensemple maybe the first one is the best. But i am loving Mandira’s look here. Its chic with a hint of goth. Strongly believe could have done better with her choice of shoes though..

  4. YEs guys, i finally found Ekta Rahejas dress ,exact…
    In TJmaxx,same color ..everything sweater dress.I cdnt find my size otherwise i have been proud owner of EKta’s dress.
    Brand was London times -19.99$.


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