Doing Denim

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Doing denim whether in its classic version or not, shouldn’t be too hard. Looking at Krishika and Rouble though, you’d think otherwise.

Of the four ladies, it was easy to pick Shaheen as the favorite. She kept it simple and looked great! Deepika looked good too, ankle-up. The toe-overhang killed it for us though.

L To R: Krishika Lulla, Rouble Nagi, Shaheen Abbas And Deepika Gehani

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. They’ve all got at least one piece wrong. I live in Europe and admire the simple, clean looks I see everyday. The focus is always on the woman…here among the colored hair, shiny shoes, necklaces, oversized bags, unseasonal jackets etc. the essence of the woman is lost…

    • In these pictures, the choice of one specific lady is exaggerated; even so, her female essence is still very much unharmed. Not showing off, since you mentioned that the Europeans dress simply, I live in Los Angeles and I have seen women dress flamboyantly and sometimes worse…I witnessed the same even during travels through Europe. Fashion is a matter of personal penchant; location has no bearing on this.

      • I beg to disagree – location has a bearing on Fashion…Rome, Paris, London & Dubai have distince styles. What we see happening in India is brands taking over taste in some cases. Wearing jackets & boots in the summer as one example…brandishing giant, empty Birkins is another. When you see a pic, you should see the woman first…

  2. I have no idea who Rouble is, but I like all the things she’s wearing, as individual pieces. Love that jacket! Together too, dont hate it.


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