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Divya took to the Red Carpet in a plain white Nachiket Barve sari, choosing to perk up the look with a lot of bling. An updo, red lip, jewelry from Gehna and Malaga clutch finished out her look.

While we understand the look she was looking for, it failed to make much of an impact. Let’s just chalk this one up to a Not Quite.

guild awards 2014-divya khosla kumar-nachiket barve

Divya Khosla Kumar At Star Guild Awards 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. You’re kidding, right? As far as I can see, she’s looking perfect. The sari is subtle to the point of being dingy, and the necklace and bracelets are the brighter, attention-grabbing part of the outfit.

  2. I think she makes it work. She needs to add all that bling for a such a plain white saree…especially on the red carpet. with the updo she makes it work.

  3. The outfit looks okay. Its the wide eyed expression she gives on every photo op that’s making almost every appearance of her a not quite. I wish she’s just normally look at the camera in place of going star struck eyed everytime.

  4. that’s a designer sari? just give any garage tailor 250 bucks and he’ll make the same thing ;)
    That being said, Divya’s innate daintiness saves this from being a disaster. If the color would have been blush or mint or cream, it would have looked good, stark white is too harsh. I think she was trying for a similar look by Sonam, with a jadau necklace.

    • I love this look, and that the jewelry is the center of attention. But I agree, a more pastel color could have had a better effect. And really, why bother spending so much for a plain white sari?

      • I dunno, maybe Nachiket Barve made a ton of other stuff for her and said he’ll throw in a plain sari for free:) yes, the basic idea behind the look was good.

  5. For a garment to be designer, it needs to have some design… Any design… Be it a unique print… Unique silhouette… Unique color combination… Something needs to be there…. A plain white piece of cloth is not a designer outfit

  6. first of all, my congratulations to Nachiket Barve for getting PAID to “design” plain white saris. bravo! bravo!

    second of all, the lady looks like the ghost of a rich woman, come back to haunt people. that big eyed expression isnt helping.

  7. Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing- a plain white saree?! And where does the “designer” element come in, then??
    She looks like a socialite widow who isn’t willing to entirely let go of her bejewelled self just yet.

    Next life, I’m reincarnating as N. Barve- best job, EVER.


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