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Teaming a deconstructed Ezra jacket with pair of sparkly H&M pants, Diana attended GQ awards last evening. Wearing her hair down in tight curls, she rounded out the look with Valliyan jewelry, Prada clutch and straight up lustworthy Saint Laurent heels.

Now, the upside- those pumps. The downside- everything else. There’s a lot Ms. Penty can do, however selling us this look isn’t one of them. Another clear instance where the stylist’s inspired by ‘whatever-the-current-it-girls-are-wearing’ vision just didn’t translate well.

Mmm, those heels though.

Diana Penty At GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2018

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. You should always give the stylist name as a statutory warning for all concerned when a look is this mish mash. Diana has a quiet grace and an effortless style and this is anything but that.

  2. Were these GQ awards or halloween costume party awards or stylist day off, celebrities dress themselves awards??? With all the options available in the world, why would women who look like Deepika and Diana dress like this? These are just tacky outfits!!

  3. Ladies, I think I got it. Since this is the GQ ‘Men of the Year’ awards , they wanted to keep the ‘Men’ in the left , right and center. So they must have just asked the ladies who are set to attend the event in the most bizarre outfits they can think of , so that people would just cower over and wait only for the Men to appear.

    God, you need to have some realllllly exceptional skills to make Diana look bad and tacky!!! Also , how on earth is she walking on those shoes ? They look mighty uncomfortable and not to mention capable of damaging her spine.

  4. Ok the top is a little weird but I like the rest of the look. Come on her hair and make up in not as bad and the pants are fine and the heels are yumm! The girl has done better but its not her worst look. I think credits to her for pulling it off , anyone else would look a hot mess.


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