Chivas Fashion Tour: Shantanu And Nikhil

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  1. I think Diya looks better than Neha :)

    and Sonu… very nice :) Is this the first time he is walking the ramp?

    I will say the collection is okayish.

  2. Diya face and arms look way to big … but her hair looks nice
    Neha’s upper body looks good but her lowe r body looks too wide
    I dont thinks the clothes the designer picked out for the actresses suites them …

  3. What awful looking clothes! Red and black is a done-to-death, boring combination.

    The 2nd outfit is the worst of all. The dress looks like it has a giant, black, fluffy tumor…aaaarrrggghhh!!

  4. Mostly c+ collection I liked the red saree with black border though. Agree with @arbitary that the 1st row – right dress looks like a big black mole.

    Sonu’s jacket looks clownish so is the other male model’s. Diya’s hair looks awful.

    overall C++ rating

  5. lol @anita, Yes it looks like Christmas wrapping paper .
    Also, the front model on the 8th row – right side looks like she is jumping out of the black garbage bag.

  6. …I don’t like it
    Diya doesn’t look like herself, and her hair looks like a bad wig
    the dress does nothing for Neha’s hips (If I had to go out in that thing, I would be scowling too hehe)
    Sonu looks…proud
    the outfits are generally unactractive, the only thing I like is the daping on the last female model

  7. It is an ok … collection. There is nothing new about the designs just the outfits seem to be jewelled and lot of silver embillishments.

    It is tough for me to imagine Sonu Nigam as a model or even an actor or anywhere near the ramp.. but he still pops up

  8. lmao @ Neha’s scowl and Diya’s stuffed up dress. also, neha’s lower body is wide, and her leg seems to be unattractively popping out of her silhouette.

  9. I don’t mind Neha, she is preety and her body type although isn’t perfect, but I know that is how South Asian generally look. They do have wide hips unlike our Hollybabes. But she looks good!

  10. I love Laxmi in the saree…Dia’s dress could be better, if less was happening…the colour combination is good, red and black otherwise an uninspiring collection

  11. I wish the designers would put in some thought before just throwing on embellishments. The second dress looks like it grew a whole bunch of pubic hair….
    Nehas hips are also toooo big for that ensemble…

  12. this collection deserves an F, can’t believe how some of these designers even put together such a lousy collection without anyone telling them so ??????

  13. shantanu and nikhil sure loves his drapes. lol

    the last black gown looks like a copy of ranna gill but he added his own taste into it, drapes.

    & maybe sooner or later you’ll see Neha in one of these dresses. lol

    Shantanu & Nikhil Collection= D-

  14. Agree with ariel001…the black dress in the last row does remind me of Ranna Gill. And its the oly dress that I like out of all these.

  15. The dress Neha Dhupia had on looks absolutely gorgeous in person..! She ruins the look though..I wish they’d gotten someone else to model it..


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