Men’s Style Round Up

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Here’s a look at Bollywood men who attended IIFA Awards 2017. Formals to desi, casuals to dressed up, we had a mix of everything.

While no look was an instant favorite, the least favorite was a toss up between Zayed and Karan. Those stained jeans on Zayed, did not belong at a green carpet appearance and Karan’s outfit reminds of a military uniform of yester years.

Is there any one look that stands out to you?

Left: Zayed Khan
Center: Venkatesh Daggubati & Kamaal Khan
Right: Suniel Shetty

Left: A.R. Rahman
Center: Salman Khan
Right: Karan Singh Grover

Left: Boman Irani
Center: Abhay Deol
Right: Kabir Khan

Photo Courtesy: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Zayed is such a hottie. Regular denims would have been so much better. Venkatesh looks nice. Below neck, Sunil Shetty looks decent. Abhay Deol seems like he has not been washed out of holi colors. Kabhir Khan looks like he borrowed some neighbors jacket & he is in a wrong venue(his expression).

  2. I was going to start commenting but then I realized it would take too much effort as almost every outfit is a travesty! Instead I will say ARR – spiffy. I like when men do a bit of print or color but both as in Boman & Abhay’s case is too much.

  3. If I hide Abhay’s face with my thumb, I actually like his outfit. The smile is what is weirding me out. Zayed is dressed like he lost his luggage and had to make do with whatever he could. Everyone else looks nice, though nothing exceptional

  4. Kamaal Khan stood out for me, but for a whole other different reason (read Salman Khan’s car – oops ‘driverless car’ – mowing down under-privileged people sleeping on footpath).

  5. I like Kabir Khan’s look here.. the color and the checks are working for him! Rest everyone is passable! I can’t get past the fact that everyone here except Boman Irani and A R Rehman, look so tired.. Salman Khan’s eyes are so droopy!


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