Black Was The Night

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All three ladies chose to go the LBD route when attending a recent party and dare we say, to three very different results?!

Kalyani Chawla never seems to have an off day. Sigh. As for Anju, as meh as her look was, I’d take that any day over Laila’s. Where Anju accessorized with silver/grey, Laila stuck to an all black look, the star being a rather unflattering snug LBD. Both ladies seem to have picked the same pair of shoes too, albeit in different colors.

Who was your pick for a favorite?


L To R: Kalyani Chawla, Anju Taraporewala And Laila Lamba At Devika Bhojwani’s Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Both Anju and laila look out of sorts.. one needs to dress per one’s figure nad the fitting of the dress. Anju’s shoes fal flat. Kalyani is OK but not great, I really hate her shoes

  2. Kalyani does look good but not too much…and what a coincidence the other too laides are wearin same shoes?and that too fugly ones?

  3. kalyani chawla – good hair and make up, the lace collar is a let down
    anju – nice clutch, the dress is not flattering, somehow she has no waist line
    Laila Lamba — where the hell did she get that belt?

  4. This is not the Kalyani Chawla I love to see. She is well put together here as well, but it doesn’t even look like her. Is she wearing contacts?

  5. Definitely Kalyani Chawla – she makes it work. The LBD is nothing great to talk about but she looks good – her eyes look especially nice.

  6. That bertha colloar lace neckline looks so silly on Kalyani Chwala’s dress, just spoils it. Anju Taporewala’s dress is too simple. As for Laila Lamba, hate that belt! What a way to ruin a dress!

  7. kalyanis is the best… the color of the shoe n purse just pops out on the black background. Laila seems to have beeen carrying a camera pouch in the front with her dress….. dont dig the other two dresses much.

  8. Seriously Kalyani Chawla never has an off day, she is so elegant. As for Laila Lamba, this dress is a wake up call, stay away from the too tight!

  9. considering all are in their 40’s I think they look great. Though Laila Lamba can smile a bit, she always looks like she has recieved some very bad news.:)

  10. its great fun reading your comments! And I take your criticism with a smile and do agree sometimes! Keep the compliments flowing though…jadore!!
    And I do wear a lot of other brands but with Dior at my disposal do you blame me for not wanting to wear anything else???
    the photographers have a tough time taking great pictures as we dont really stand and pose for the right angle even though it looks like I am …hence a bad angle or simply a bad photograph can look pretty blah!!
    And I do try hard to look my best whenI step out …not perils of the job only but I respect me and my host!


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