She’s Come A Long Way Baby!

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The last few times we’ve spotted Manisha Koirala, her styling choices left a lot to be desired… One dismal appearance after another, this sure comes as a breath of fresh air!

Sure, this look isn’t the best either and she certainly could do without that blingy bag but she sure has come a long way! And that… we like!


Manisha Koirala At A Charity Auction

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  1. No matter how thin or plum p she gets, I am surprised by how steadfastly pretty her visage remains…Even as she approaches the big 4-0…

  2. Surprisingly good compared to her other on screen n off screen looks. It seems like she has lost some weight, and looking pretty as well, good on her.

  3. She was never known for a sense of fashion or figure and yet she remains one of the most beautiful faces in Bollywood. I am happy to see her in good shape and a decent outfit.

  4. sorry but she not happening at all- boobys are hanging-
    granny’S come to attend her grand daughters wedding reception———she needs to be more focused

  5. Her makeup looks fantastic and I like the pulled back hair.

    What is with her sari blouse? Maybe it is a lack of adequate support, but something is definitely off. The fit of the blouse +the color – a supportive bra = disaster.


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