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If Aditi got her dress right, she messed it up with her shoes… and where, Rakshanda got her shoes right, she messed it up with her dress…

(P.S: Don’t miss the Gucci Crystal Clutch on Aditi)

Aditi Gowatrikar, Khatron Ka Khiladi Bash
Rakshanda Khan, Bigg Boss Season Two Launch

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  1. This Aditi woman is gorgeous for a mom. No offence to any mommies out there :) but i am amazed at how she has maintained herself.

  2. Yep, Aditi is 36 and looks awesome. We went to college together in Bombay and she lived on my floor in the hostel, she was very quiet and unassuming back then..but always a looker..

  3. aditi is a gyneacologist as well as being a model/actress. i read on wiki that she’s 41 and that made me really hopeful about ageing well! but if she’s only 36 maybe there’s no hope for me. i guess we won’t be able to watch kathron ki khiladi in the UK.


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