The Odd Couple

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It has happened before. It has happened again.

Note to Bhavna: If not for your sake then at least for ours, you’ve got to take an active interest in husband dearest’s clothing choices. Please.


Bhavna And Chunkey Pandey At Star Screen Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She should be careful about her clothing choices before looking into hubbys. haha. and is she wearing beach sandals on the red carpet????

    Chunky, as usual, looks goofy.

  2. did anyone reported of wardrobe malfunction … or she keep on goin to ladies …to pull the gown every 10 min …

    chunky is wearing the same jacket , shoes n jeans … some ppl just love to look stupid …

  3. I think so before helping Chunky with his dressing…Bhavna needs to hire a stylist for herself. Can someone please tell Bhavna that towels never work on red carpet, esp RED TOWELS.


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