The Next Big Thing?

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Modified harem pants with tees? Not a trend we’d be getting on-board with anytime soon!

(P.S: Look out for Minissha Lamba in ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’ who sports a lot more of this look!)

koel-harem-pants-jul16.jpg nina-manuel-harem-pants-jul16.jpg

L To R: Koel Puri, Nina Manuel, Minissha Lamba

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  1. OH MY GOD!! What a horrendous looking garment. I don’t think I have been more repulsed by a piece of clothing ever before!! or maybe it’s just the angle on Nina AND Koel…but no no and Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! :P

  2. Once wore brown harem pants with a black tee to college. Ppl smirked at me as if I was an escaped lunatic. If it can happen in college, I dont have the guts to wear them anywhr else! LOL…but yeah harem pants look odd on most ppl!!

  3. I award Kareena Kapoor with starting this trend up. Which saddens me because I pretty much love to hate Kareena and she loves to start trends so I hate her for it. I’d say she started this because of her Mauja Mauja outfit in Jaw We Met, and then how she rocked that outfit at awards show performances… as well as the heavy churidar with a long t-shirt look that she wore in the train sequences in the beginning of the movie..which resembles this. Supposedly college students in Punjab really liked that look (I admit I kinda liked it too but it wouldn’t really fly in Canada..if I were in Punjab I’d do it).

    I noticed in the movie Tashan she tried to start up another trend.. the embellished suspenders worn every which way around her torso with a midriff baring tee underneath, blue jeans n boots. Since the Ali baba pants took a few months to start up I predict we’ll be seeing the suspenders in a few months! I actually thought the suspenders look cool…but my midriff isn’t ready to be bared!

  4. Oh.. and I like Koel Puri’s look.. n Minissha Lamba is a wannabe.. I hope she doesn’t make it big because there is nothing special about her..other minor actresses that have come and gone had more going for them.

  5. kareena’s pants were glitzy – so looked different – but these look more like loungewear, together with the flip-flops.I like Koel’s outfit – nice for running errands etc.. but inappropriate for any occasion where you have to hold a microphone or be photographed.

  6. I think Koel and Nina look good in an everyday-loungewear kind of way. But not to the events they went to. I like Minisha (her eyes are very unusual) but that whole thing is just FUGLY

  7. I actually really like this style. I think its one of those styles where you need to have the personality to pull it off. and kareena rocked them. they look so much better on koel than on nina.
    I actually own a maroon pair and they look awesome. very ‘I dream of jeannie’ like.

  8. There is a difference between what Minisha is wearing and what the others are wearing. Minisha and Kareena in JWM wore the harem style pants. They look great. What the other two are wearing are wierd Jodhpuri’s and I think it looks odd.

  9. yuck… koels is the only one worthy of being looked at.. the others are soo bad in their tailoring.. and anyway its looks like a modified version of the pathani salwar that most ppl wear in north.. nothing great and its not a new trend.

  10. yep agree wid j…nina n koels r diffrent frm minishah n karrenna…kareena s version cud b easily found on streets for 100 bucks..i like koel in this one…but whos this koel puri i mean i ve seen her i jus one or two movies..

  11. i like kareena and minissha in the pants.

    or maybe i just have a thing for patiala shahi looking salwars…coz thats the style u will most find in my indian suits wardrobe! lol

  12. omg i`ll fall off laughing..what a funny outfit…its so diff from what kareena wore in mauja mauja ppl..that outfit had hem all the way up and this one has a hem almost touching the feet!! weird!!


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