Almost Ditto

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While Hansika and Tanushree had a ‘Ditto’ happen, Kim Sharma’s was an ‘almost’ owing to the missing detailing under the bust…

hansika-motwani-jul30_1.jpg tanushiri-dutta-jul30.jpg

L To R: Hansika Motwani, Tanushree Dutta, Kim Sharma

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  1. I cant believe am saying this – Tanushree looks better among the three. This kim sharma looks like she is about to burst open…and hansika dresses way too old for her age.

  2. yep.. that dress is too much for a 17.. but is she 17??
    tanushree should do something about the makeup.. its always too garish for her..
    cant blv why Kim looks so not fit in this..

  3. I like Tanushree’s version the best…she has just the right accessories, chic haircut and is carrying the dress well..hansika looks just ok…and yes, kim looks a wee bit too heavy for this dress…need to be really thin to carry off the look…

  4. Out of all, kim’s dress color is the best…other colors are so not for this kind of dress…..Hansika always dress loud…she should tone down to match her soft looks….

  5. Tanushree, bless her soul , has taken Bipasha’s adivice and got herself a GOOD stylist, because it shows, she aced the look, the red nail polish, so in the slightly blingy shoes – or jewellery for the feet- as they call it, and matching bag. Hansika, looks a tad drab in it, and Kim is having a pre- time of the month feel to her, such a lovely girl,such a bad pic

  6. When kids grow up too fast they get into the mold of sexed up kid. Hansika will probably get it right sometime later though if this ditto is an omen too many dittos with kim sharma may mean never.

    Kim sharma takes great pains to get someone to get clothes stitched with her in them. Sexy it is not and not even attractive.

    And maybe there’s hope for Tanushree though I’m skeptical..

    It is a non-offensive looking dress but it’s too short and looks a bit bargain basement.. almost a bit polyesterish..dunno why.

  7. Hansika is quite a stunner… cant believe she’s the same kid i saw in koi mil gaya… the purple dress is looking too flashy on that pale skin.. Tanushree’s quite workin it! Kim Sharma… Terrible!


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