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In an Abu Sandeep suit, Anupama hosts a soon-to-be-aired episode of The Front Row. She looked nice!

anupama chopra on the front row in abu sandeep

Anupama Chopra On The Front Row Sets

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      • Even without the bling, this suit has Abu Sandeep written all over it. I can spot their stuff from a mile away, they are certainly not known to be eclectic designers. IMO this suit is quite similar to the one Ash wore last year to receive the French Civilian Award. It was a coral suit with silver embroidery and was so pretty. Anupama is also wearing a very similar pair of sandals to what Ash wore. Or it could be the exact same one, I’m not an expert on shoes, so I wouldn’t know.

      • I agree, this says a lot about Ash’s taste in clothes. I do not care about many of abu sandeep’s OTT clothes, but I can say that their clothes are very well made, not a stich out of place, which is not something you can say about many of the Indian designers.

  1. Thank heavens for not wearing the godforsaken anarkali! Its a pretty silhouette and she looks elegant. When will the anarkali phase be over? HATE IT!

  2. This is one ordinary suit with a nice color which you can fine in any of the uptown stores in india.
    Why would one pay Abu Sandeep the astronomical amount to buy it, is beyond me.she looks ordinary like any other woman who dresses up for a small function or gettogether.

  3. is it just me or in the last 2 episodes shown on youtube she looks about 10 years younger? this color and outfit looks nice on her. want to see how she carries it on video…

  4. I do like the outfit, but blue on the shawl does not blend too well with the rest of the outfit for me. It kind of kills the subtlety and subdued elegance of the suit. Anu looks very nice.

    Lulu- cant wait till teh Anarkali phase dies out as well. I hope its not like leggings…. alot of haters were waiting for the phase to pass but instead they became a staple.


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