In Alexander McQueen

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At the Moet and Chandon dinner hosted by Farah Khan, it was Alexander McQueen all the way for Ms. Dewan. Love it but for the hair. Such a shame that the hair covered up the interesting detail at the shoulder…

Anu Dewan At The Moet And Chandon Dinner In Alexander McQueen

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The dress is gorgeous. So so McQueen. The good-girl hair and make up really ruins the edginess of the outfit. Also, I think the tights were unnecessary. The dress does fine by itself.

    • lol!!!! I sooo agree with you.No matter what brand you wear , even if it costs you a bomb , you need to be able to carry it off. P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C

  2. omg! annu sewan is soo rich wat with the whole berkin and the judith leiber minauder collections and being able to afford all d latest designer stuff just proves one point.. no matter how rich u get, money just doesnt bring a fashion sense with it..!! anu has an incredible talent for taking something very expensive and very difficult to it look bad in, even if u roll it in mud or dip it in ink as the many designer stuff she wears and yet she somehow manages to trun it into sumthing people wont even sell on fashion street or linking road..the dress in itself is soo amazing..and she would hav looked good in it had she pulled her hair back to show the shoulder details..but NOOOO… she had to leave her hair open and then wear those super legging which wud look gr8 with anything else but an evening dress and turn it into the tackyest look ever!!!EVER!!

  3. gosh her hair & makeup always ruins the look….wish she had done high ponytail or something..

    aside note: now she is after mcqueen collection….she has bought all the birkins in the world…

    sigh still no style

  4. she has no sense of style…period.

    shes a living example of..the fact that…money can buy you fashion(brands) but money can never buy you STYLE…

    that dress didnt need those leggings at all…and whats with the hair? it looks oily and sticky..her hair and makeup always ruins the look…she should hire a stylist like seriouslllyy!!

  5. this dress does not suit her body type at all. Its meant for a tall leggy woman. Lets not even discuss hair and make up. what a waste


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