A Spotty Face Off

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Which socialite wears her spots better?


Left: Kaykashan Patel At Stoffa, Jan 09
Right: Anu Deewan At Stoffa, Apr 09

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. kaykashan definitely!!! As much as anu dewan decks herself with fancy-shmancy designer wear, she will always look like “the girl next door” to me. Idk why, but that’s just how she looks. She just doesn’t have that oomph.

  2. I agree with PeachBellini! Kaykashan looks better! And I agree about Anu looking very girl next door. I do like Anu’s shoes. Are they Christian Louboutins?

  3. they both look cute.. kaykashan a little more, i’m loving her hair and choice of pants. although i still like anu’s top and bag more. so its both=]

  4. Kaykashan, definitely. I think it’s the sandal, it dresses it down a bit…and I am almost tempted to say that that’s decent pair of distressed jeans…except she probably paid 500 bucks for someone to distress them for her, so I won’t. ;-)

  5. kaykashan definitely.

    maybe anu will wil one day if she tries a different pose. am so tired of her looking the exact same in all the pictures. its like some tacky software where u upload your picture and u see how u look in different clothes.

  6. Keks looks a bit more refreshing for spring…so she gets my vote.

    But you have to appreciate Anu for not carrying the SAME Birkin in a diff color LOL!!

  7. Now that I am looking more and more into the details I like Anu’s..
    I’ve always liked her… she never look like she is trying too hard and she wears that cute smile all the time.

  8. animal print bag with animal print shirt i mean gimme a break… i prefer anu anyday.. Kehkashaan’s look reeks of tack ….. Anu looks refined and classy…love her Dolce & Gabbana shirt:) looks superb!

  9. Hi my name is Anu and I have mastered the art of holding expensive handbags in exactly the same way regardless of occasion/shape of bag/size of bag.

    Kaykashan for me although I have no idea who she is.

  10. I agree with p here… I have started sensing there are a couple of people here who are simply praising anu …lol…i this site is very popular.

  11. ARE MY EYES DECEIVING ME??? Is Anu NOT carrying a Birkin!? I always thought that she had an endless supply of them LOL

    Kaykashan for sure, love that she’s improving with every post! Anu also looks nice, but those black pants make her look matronly

  12. Kehkashan is wearing an Eli tahari shirt and Gina shoes… she wears it is so understated and thats more classy by any standard…!!!!


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