Yellow Burst

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Ooh, I love yellow. Especially when it comes in the guise of an outfit like Ms. Tendulkar’s. Love it. Really do.

Not so much when speaking of an outfit like that of Preeti’s. Don’t know what is worse, the hard to pull off yellow-orange tone or the fact that they used the tacky bligny material both for the kurta and the churidaar… Besides, that snug silhouette just looks so dated.

Anyone else think Ms. Jhangiani might have wandered off the sets of Hissss? :p


Left: Preeti Jhangiani At Maharashtra’s 60 Years Celebrations
Centre And Right: Anjali Tendulkar At CNN IBN Heroes Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. While Anjali looks pretty and her shalwar kameez is definitely better than Preeti’s, I would’ve preferred a kurta without so much bling on it. There is so much lovely embroidery in India, and I wonder why do celebs just stick to outfits with lots of sequins and the like?

  2. Anjali of these two looks better hands down. Glowing face and decent enough salwar kameez. Preeti is almost always OTT for me and looks like she is trying far too hard.

  3. Sorry I dont like anjali’s outfit.

    Allthough the shade of yellow is mellow-er .. the bling is just too much.

    This is definitely not a SIXER – LOL

  4. nuthing succeeds like success! :)
    just cause she is tendulkars wife.. that outfit looks ok on her.. imagine this outfit on lets say poonam dhillon…u guys would have hated it!!

  5. Anjali’s outfit is nothing fact the same old since I left college 10 years back and even then just very “auntyji” type.If it had a better cut I would have loved it but as is ===boring

  6. hmmm…wondering if Preeti’s dress was sewed on her…can’t imagine squeezing into those top or churidars…looks like second skin!

  7. Agree with KT – if you’re an Ambani wife or a Tendulkar, you get bonus points for the same blingy outfit – imagine if Vidya Balan had worn this!!
    That said, Anjali is adorable – just dont like the dress

  8. I DO NOT like either outfits…I wonder why anyone would like that blah random outfit on Mrs. Tendulkar!! As for Preeti’s choice…the lesser said the better!

  9. didn’t like preeti’s outfit,too bright for eyes.And yes her look is seriously reminding me of a snake.cud not go well wid anjali’s outfit too

  10. Both are tacky.. Preeti’s is tackier coz of the fit and the work on the churidaar. Anjali looks better coz standalone she is elegant and graceful like Nita Ambani but just like Nita’s last orange outfit and pink saree were really tacky, this outfit is also tacky. Both are nice . cheerful colours though

  11. preeti’s looking so tacky..yuckkk. she’s lookin’ like an yellow ichchadhari nagin. and mrs. tendulkar’s outfit is better than preeti.. but she’s so auntyji. sometime with her husband she looks like her husband’s aunty.


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