In Sabyasachi

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At Vogue’s fifth anniversary do, the magazine announced Aneeth Arora (of Péro) as the winner of its first ever Vogue Fashion Fund. The designer was on hand to collect her grant in a Sabyasachi dress, one in which she looked good. We like.

Aneeth Arora At Vogue’s Fifth Anniversary Do

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  1. Love Aneeth Arora’s clothes. Too bad they are a bit expensive for me:-(

    She’s looking nice and surprisingly for a small woman not overwhelmed as usually happens with a Sabyasachi.

    • These maid comments are BORING and invariably are a spell fail. Should be banned just on those grounds.

      Hey psudo by your logic I hate to inform you that to the firangs (you know those stylish white people we should look like) all of us look like maids – even when squeezed into a Leger. So welcome to the club.

      Talk about home grown racism.

  2. How can anybody like such an illfitted dress..which is not fashion forward..or even fashion for that matter.. people think if a designer comes with psychobabble about his clothes then they must be nice!! it’a new trend of selling mediocre stuff and even art thesedays..It’s kind of sad..


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