The LBD Face Off

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This round clearly belongs to Sameera (not that there is much to choose from) ; Ameesha’s is just too ill-fitting… Agree?


Sameera Reddy (Far Left, Left) And Ameesha Patel

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. amrita has a really pretty face. her dress is unflattering and doesn’t even fit properly. sameera would have looked ok if she was standing normally. she looks like she’s leaning back and thrusting her pelvis forward. very strange pose.

  2. Sameera’s dress is boring but it fits her so well that it actually looks really nice. Amisha’s dress has got too much going on, so it doesn’t look nice. And the dress makes Amisha look bigger than she is. Sameera wins this face off!

  3. it seems like Amisha borrowed this dress from her grandma, otherwise why would anyone in their right minds buy a dress which oesn’t even fit right/look good.

  4. I like Sameera’s outfit, but I’m trying to figure out what she did to her face. Recently, her face always seems to look unwashed/dirty. I think it may be the way she wears her makeup, because there was a time that she had a lovely face.


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