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Ameesha one step forward-two steps backward Patel picked Juicy Couture to promote her movie in. If the velour has you screaming “Whyyy?!”, take comfort in the fact you aren’t alone.

ameesha patel-shortcut romeo promotion-juicy couture

Ameesha Patel Promotes Shortcut Romeo

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. she has the fit and toned body and the look of a girl in her early 20s..she can easily carry off such outfit + all ill informed souls here, she was promoting the film at a school among kids..
    grow up u fools

    • Wow, the moderation on this site has really taken a nosedive hasn’t it…I just scrolled through all the nasty ‘aunty’ comments on Sonakshi Sinha and now here is this person referring to other readers as fools…

    • Uh yeah exactly. Its a school not a park! She looks like she’s lounging around in her house. And I’m so over these juicy couture stuff *blerghh*

      • me too. what is this crap!??! its good for wearing around the house i guess. maybe i just have a mental block against tracks, they are not meant for anything but running!!

    • Errr… wearing this anywhere other than your bedroom is WRONG! And if having that point of view makes me a fool then I’m happy being a fool.
      And yeah, moderation needs some work, gals. This ain’t cool. No one should be allowed to post comments like this.

    • does promoting the movie at a school mean you try dressing up like a schoolgirl yourself? this woman lacks grace. she looks silly.

  2. Amesha Patel … lovely sexy women .. but OMG get over the Juicy Couture please!! Leave it for lounging in your own home or the gym!
    And what’s with the pink everytime … there are other colors as well!!

    BTW .. Riya .. my darling … Even if you are promoting a movie in a school amongs kids … doesn’t make it right to dress up like a kid yourself! She could have chosen jeans or a maxi or a jumpsuit even.

    Shorts with a hoodie and those chappals .. makes you think shes off to the beach soon!

  3. She does look fitter than she did in her heydays. Regardless, inappropriately dressed for anywhere outside one’s house.

    Also, name-calling, really? It’s like this bubblegum pink has turned us all into kids.

  4. Here she goes again. First let me start off by mentioning that this woman is 38. This is a shame for any bollywood actress to dress this way. You are an Indian woman. She ALWAYS dresses tacky (thinking she looks all that and a bag of chips).
    And yes, age does matter. Amisha.. you are OLD. Dress appropriately, regardless of how good you look for your age. You are tacky honey

    • it’s rude to call amisha old. there are so many rude comments now on this site. the aunty comments for sonakshi were so rude and unfeminist.

      • Let me rephrase then.
        When I say old, I am emphasizing on her NOT dressing age appropriate. One has got to come to a point where you don’t dress like you are a teenager. Look at Madhuri, Shilpa, Sushmita etc. They all are dressing gracefully, age appropriately.

  5. Maybe she is “in character”, giving her the benift of the doubt ! :)
    Only that explains dressing hideously to movie promotions.
    and which school did she go to promote the movie? from the name of the movie , seems a bit inappropriate for screening in schools, unless it was educational???Which I highly doubt it..


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