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At a recent wedding, these two ladies clearly demonstrated the right way to wear a sari and… the wrong way to put it mildly. Ms. Patel needs an intervention.

Anyone else have a serious PC flashback?

Ameesha Patel-Shilpa Shetty-Delhi Wedding

Ameesha Patel (Left) And Shilpa Shetty (Right) At A Wedding

Photo Credit: Hindustan Times

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-really wish there could be some form of intervention where women who aren’t able to respect the sari for what it is and where it the way it’s meant to be worn should be fined. Not that Amisha would cry over the fine but I’m sure the social ‘outcasting’ would make her (and all the others) think twice before ever murdering the sari like this again.

    Shilpa looks great.

    • Totally with you..I absolutely hate it when ppl try to murder a sari or a lehenga by exposing too much…wear a dress or a tank top ppl if you wanna show the body…..some things look good in their traditional form….

      • But of course, the sari is meant for good Indian woman and western clothes for s**** who want to ‘expose’. I mean OFCOURSE if a woman shows some skin we should ostracize her, how DARE she? Can this get more backward?!

        First of all, the sari is a GARMENT not a religious institution, clothes are subjected to fashion changes. The gown was completely covering in the thirteenth century but people aren’t making moronic comments when its shortened are they? Exactly

        And for those hypocrites who go on about the ‘history of the sari’ it was originally worn with OUT a blouse. How’s that for exposure? Technically the blouse is the ‘westernized’ addition to the sari since it was introduced to India by the Victorian British.

        And as for ‘outcasting’ (which is not a word by the way) a woman who dares to show skin that is just the most uneducated and chauvinistic thing I’ve heard of. Society has no right to tell a woman what to wear or how to wear it.

        I don’t particularly like the way she’s worn the sari myself but I absolutely detest sentiments like ‘oh, western clothes if you want to ‘expose’ ‘ or ‘we should outcast her’ (?!) Be regressive if you have to, but please don’t start suggesting that other woman should be dis-empowered to the extent that they cannot even decide how to drape their own saris!!

        PnP I hope you are not hypocritical enough to moderate this comment; this is the kind of issue where you need to see both sides

        • @belle desses .. I think you are getting the meaning all wrong!!
          I don’t think any of the people above meant to say that “sari is meant for good Indian women and western clothes for s***” !!
          All they are trying to say is that the way she has draped her sari is not good at all .. you cannot justify it!! Amisha can wear what she wants and howevr she wants, and similarly people can comment what they think on the way she’s worn it!!
          I don;t think its regressive to say that something is looking tacky and cheap, when it’s actually looking like that!!
          I can bet a 1000$ that if she’d have looked much much better had she draped the sari properly and there would not have been any negative comments…. Its a sheer sari and a strappy blouse.. so it would still show her body and her curves .. but it would not look like she’s trying to say “look at my body .. don’t you think it’s hot?? !!”
          I don’t think you’d approve of a cleavage showing backless gown with a thigh high split. .. would you??
          It’s not about Indian and Western.. It’s just about doing either in a TASTEFUL way!!!

          The “outcasting” thing was a bit OTT though .. but come’on –it’s a fun blog!! Loosen it up a little bit!!

          • Okay, I did get a little carried away. But you have to admit, the tone of the first post was pretty oppressive and the feminist in me just saw red ?
            I’m not arguing about anybody calling it tacky / cheap. I just think it’s supremely hypocritical to say wear western clothes if you want to ‘expose’, which is pretty much equal to saying, if you want to look cheap/ like a s*** wear western clothes. And the ‘outcasting’ thing was TOTALLY over the top!! And I’m sorry, but the whole idea of that kind of moral policing is oppressive, it just totally is.
            And you say loosen up, this is just a fashion blog? My point exactly!!! The sari is a type of clothing not a sacred institution!! It WILL be subject to fashion trends, so don’t make a fashion faux paux an ethical issue please!!
            I’m not saying don’t comment on the fact that it’s a fashion faux paux I’m just saying don’t make it an ethical issue!! And given that the Sari was originally worn without a blouse, I think the historical/ cultural aspect is just redundant and silly anyway!!

          • If Amisha can wear her sari in whichever way she chooses I too can make of it whatever I want and if I find it disgraceful then so be it and I will say it how it is. I don’t see anything wrong with how I see it. And I am not oblivious to the fact that the sari was worn without a blouse before. If she had chosen not to wear a blouse but had draped it properly it probably would’ve looked a lot better then this quite honestly. Would looked sensual like a sari usually does when worn draped properly. This looks plain tacky and cheap for a lack of better words.

            This is like those guys in the US who wear their jeans hanging a little too low and people find it offensive. The sari is meant to be draped in a certain way (blouse or no blouse) and she totally missed on that point from all angles.

            As for the ‘outcasting’ point-obviously there is no such thing-it was to make a point. That in their elite world where money doesn’t matter social importance/recognition does-hence the suggestion. I don’t see anything wrong with it and I still stick by the thought.

    • I just have one question. In India saree is worn differently in different parts of the country. How do we say “this is the one definite way saree should be worn”??
      I personally hate the draping but you are just being a moral police here. Me not liking that.

      • Because having lived in different parts of India I have seen different styles of how the sari can be/is draped. And none have been the type that have come off as obscene/disgraceful. Yes-even where in certain areas a seri is worn with no blouse as mentioned above. Even then it has looked sensual not vulgar. And if you read my post(s)-I didn’t say there is a definite way to wear a sari but that doesn’t grant complete liberty to altogether destroy it.

          • absolutely agree @ charan

            @ Sej, sorry but women DO have complete liberty about the way they dress, and wether it was serious or not, the social outcasting comment sounded like moral policing.

            By the way, I found the comment below yours (relating to wearing western clothes if you want to expose etc) much more hypocritical and offensive, so my comments were not diercted only at you

            Anyway Im tired of all the arguing, can we just say that we have different points of view?

  2. Shilpa looks so beautiful and hot. And somebody pls tell Amisha that by draping a saree in such horrible manner she would not look sexy but disgusting.

  3. EWWWW!! Disgusting! What an eyesore Amisha is. Sometimes no amout of money makes people classy. Its time the media did something about this trend.

    Shilpa looks gorgeous.

  4. I think Amisha is trying super hard to get some attention and book some movies for herself….i mean the girl hasn’t been working much..but, sadly she looks like a …u know.

  5. It’s v. rare for me to make a positive comment about Ms Shetty’s sense of style (or lack thereof in my opinion – stuck in a 90’s timewarp and plus the work is waaay too obvious) anyhoo Amisha looks a hot mess – it’s got nothing to do with exposure or berating a woman who dares to show a bit of flesh as another poster suggested – she just looks tacky, if you wanna show flesh fine, but invest in a good full length mirror and have a good look before leaving the house. Shilpa looks better not because she is exposing less but the fit/drape is better although both women have had the same hairstyle for absolute ages…


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