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Runaway hair, positively scary shoes, ‘meh’ dress and a pair of shades that don’t really suit the face they perch on… all add to a disastrous concoction on an otherwise pretty Ms. Patel! Rather unfortunate!


Ameesha Patel At Hair And Make-Up Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Loved Juhi’s appearance there. She looked so fresh and so reminiscent of her hey days. Please post.

    Ameesha, the less said the better. Better glasses and shoes might have pulled it together.

  2. another example of pharse “living and growing up in west doesn’t mean you will have sense of style” thsi girl was educated in America but look at her and what she wears, very sad

  3. Everything is over the top… I love Amisha and think she’s absolutely beautiful when she doesn’t use that much makeup. Those shoes are ugly, the dress is ugly, the glasses are way too big for her face and her makeup is just way too much!!

  4. the only thing i like about the look is the print on the dress..and i think the dress could’ve looked nice on someone not so buxom but everything else is sooo’s like she woke up with a hangover and just selected things to wear haphazardly…

  5. @me,

    She went to the same university as I did (different times though) . All I can say is – Our school was not known for its fashion but this is atrocious.

    She looks like Ashok Kumar or MGR from south with such ugly glasses indoors .

  6. wha……..??????????????

    she stepped out in public looking like that???? how could anyone own those shoes???? and i wont get started on the rest…

  7. Holy gargantuan sunglasses! Love them. Good when you want to be loud. My dad calls this typeof shoe ‘roach stompers’ LOL. The dress fabric looks innovative…but I personally am not a fan of that ruched-chest-with-glaring-horizontal-stitches style. I feel like that can never pass for a handmade garment and therefore looks less…special.


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