Clutching It Right

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When we first saw Alka Yagnik with the very funky, kitschy Bellissima Beatrice Paparazzi clutch, we loved the clutch but wished she had paired that with a simpler plain tunic instead of a busy one! And looks like she took the cue… Maybe next time, she’d take it a step further and contrast it with a lighter tunic so that the colors on that clutch pop?

At Aditya Narayan’s Birthday Do

At Arjun Rampal’s Birthday Do


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  1. and she could get a pedicure…….commenting along with what someone else wrote earlier: what is up with all these ppl holding their cell phones in their hands? purse or not, there’s always a phone in their hands. i mean, she could keep her phone in her purse, couldn’t she?

  2. I think i know why they don’t keep the phones in their bags / purses…. you don’t realise when it rings! Events, where most of these pics are taken are invariably moisy affairs and unless you have a ringtone that puts everyone to silence, the sound gets muted by the ambient decibels. And in the inner reaches of the purse, the vibrate alert doesn’t help much either…. hence the cell phone in the hand! :)

  3. i like the necklace, clutch and red top (at AR’s party). The chappals are beach-wear. The pants/tights(?) are bad! I would go for black tights on this one.

    I agree with the reasoning that anks provides for celebrities clutching the cells in their hands. But, nevertheless I hate it! It ruins the look! Hide it behind the clutch while posing.

  4. Grades
    Purse A+
    Left side top (alone not with the purse) – B
    Right side look – B
    Chappals – D

    Grades explained
    A+ Love it may buy it for myself when I have enough money ;-),
    A- Looks good
    B – OK ,
    B+ – better than OK
    C – My usual grade because I am a judgmental woman
    D or lower – Hate it
    F – I need to see my eye doctor

  5. alka is cute …… she’s so beautiful and her voice is so special…………simple lady and very humble as well……………. but she is not bagging songs now thats the main problem


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