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The jumpsuit or the dress paired a boyfriend blazer… Which was the look that you preferred on Alia?

Alia Bhatt At Ship of Theseus And D-Day Screenings

Alia Bhatt At Ship of Theseus (Left) And D-Day Screenings

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The one with the blazer..nice look considering her past looks (jer past looks were something which is not favouring her innocent and body type) …wohoo she is looking so innocent and kiddo like in pic number 2 :P

  2. Regarding the first look, I don’t know why she insists on dressing like a woman in her late 20’s going to her office job. She’s young and she needs to start having fun with her clothing.

  3. Not to be nasty or anything, but doesn’t anyone else find this girl extremely ordinary? She is cute and all, had she been the girl next door. Nothing she wears or does draws my attention. I mean every once in a while they style her to look 10-15 years older, which I don’t think she is to blame. But she has no star quality whatsoever. except for the fact that her father is mahesh bhatt i guess.
    again, just my opinion. and yes, opinions are like a$*holes, everyone has one.

    • But then Bollywood is full of these ordinary looking girls with a lot of right connections. See some of them without makeup ad you know.


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