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See a pattern here?


L To R: ‘Singh Is Kinng’ Promotion In Toronto, Bigg Boss Finale, ‘Chandni Chowk To China’ Music Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I have a feeling Twinkle shops for him. They both have very monotone wardrobes, Twinkle with tons of satiny, jewel-toned dresses and Akshay with racks of sweater vests and jeans!

  2. i love wearing woolvests on top of shirts too. where i live its cold most of the time and they are life savers! and they look smart/casual with a pair of jeans :) incredibly comfortable too

  3. I was never a fan of Akshay before, but the man is HAWT! Out of all the other actors his age (Salman, SRK, et al) he has definitely aged the best. If only he would dress like this all the time, instead of being risky and ending up wearing leopard print.

  4. alot of the hollywood actors in their 40’s are also wearing these tank-tops, like 007 Daniel Craig and SEXY Hugh Jackman!!

    Yep akshay has definetly aged the best, but his height and good manly looks help, he was never sweet or cute or boyish, you loose that over time.

    I think amir looks the youngest in his movies though, still shocked a 40yr old got away with beinf 25 in Rang de basanti, akshay couldn’t pull that off! :)

  5. funny…i never follow what the actresses wear…i started wearin vests after Dosti….and started loving FCUK…coz of his garam masala…etc etc LOL

    he’s the hottest one there is!!!! *DROOL*

    def like good wine fashionmaniac!

  6. if it works …:D
    I hate that men only look better as they age (well, most of them) – sigh why can’t that happen to women too (not that I’m at that stage… :)

  7. @kismet – I’m sure Akshay could pull off a 25-year-old, for example, I had shown a picture of Akshay to my friend, who doesn’t watch much hindi movies and doesn’t know about the actors, and he thought Akshay was “20 something years old”….He was shocked to hear that he’s 41! :D


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