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While at a script reading session for her upcoming movie, Aishwarya was photographed wearing a DvF top, one which she paired with Kenneth Cole denims and nude peep-toe slingbacks. The hair might have been same ol’-same ol’ but the actor sure looked good!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Attends A Script Reading Session For 'Jazbaa'-1

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan At A Script Reading Session

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Attends A Script Reading Session For 'Jazbaa'-2

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan At A Script Reading Session

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She does look good but I have one question for you guys, how do you guys know the brand of the jeans these actors wear?:) just curious!!

  2. It’s a no from me. Disco top and jeans scream 1970s. All that’s missing is a pair of roller skates. Plus it’s a script reading session (not filming the movie) and she’s doused in layers of make up. Aishwariya really has no clue about what suits her and neither do her hair/makeup/stylists.

  3. Unrelated comment alert

    Imaginary script reading session

    Director: Here’s your script, darling.
    Heroine: God, it’s two A4 sheets long!
    Director: Typed back-to-back, on single space lines and in font size 11, no less.
    Heroine: (running her fingers along through her script) There’s drama, humour, tragedy..it’s all in there! I hope you remember to make me look good.
    Director: Wait till the song and dance routines we have created for you. You will wear the a dress from the D&G spring collection and do a martial arts type dance while swinging from a vine in the forests of Madagascar when you learn of your beloved’s unfair incarceration.
    Heroine: How you spoil me, darling!
    Director: Only doing my job.

    Script session complete
    Director: Don’t you worry about that, darling! We have even managed to

  4. How is this good? Seriously so many years in the business and aishwarya still is clueless about what suits her. Girls half her age have picked up on fashion quicker. I seriously doubt she has a stylist ….. And her hairstylist seems to be sleeping on the job. Lol

  5. These people are so slim and trim and yet they pose in weird leg poses! Why can’t they just stand properly! Why does it always have to be one leg bent or criss-crossed? :-)

  6. Who dresses that way for script reading sessions? and since when did we start having celebs photographed at such sessions? clearly a mindless PR driven stunt to show the lady is still in demand

    • +1000. This PR over drive is really making me sick and tired of her. I get it that she’s doing a movie!!! But neither is she the only one nor is she doing some stellar project. On top of that she shows up in this hideous outfit. She needs to calm down.

      • “She needs to calm down.”

        ha ha ha ha! yes!

        but seriously i’m really surprised a stylist is needed to dress a star for a script reading. how much do stylists charge? i want to become one.


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