Match Much?

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An instance of matched-much or matched-right?


Aarti Chhabria At A Jewelry Collection Unveiling

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  1. yup, matched much 2 much…would have been perfect had she worn black love the shoes, bag, outfit and all, but not together..

  2. i think the style of shoes is wrong for that outfit – regardless of color- but black strappy sandals would have worked way better – the dress itself is not so great

  3. Definitely quite matched, but no distracting element. Although, I’d have liked a different style of shoes..even very thin strappy sandals would have been nice.

  4. annapurna, I thought the same too. And she did need a nose job. She looks beautiful. Love the dress on her. Not so much the purse or the shoes.

  5. charismatic, confident , & beautiful……
    kudos to aarti for carrying off the dress with the handbag & shoes soooooooo beautifully… no other actress would have the balls to match it & carry it off this well with confidence…
    aarti sure is one helluva rockstar


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