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Aamna looked lovely on the Green carpet in a Tarun Tahiliani outfit. As one-tone as her outfit was, she still made it work unlike a certain Ms. Dutta.

If there’s one thing we’d change, it’d be those feathered accents on the outfit. For some, it might bring the requisite drama to the outfit, for us though, it just seemed excessive and unnecessary.


Aamna Sharif At IIFA Awards 2010, Colombo

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i admire this girl’s beauty and charm but i don’t like this dress on her. it’s too beige and the bottom reminds me of a feather duster.

  2. Seriously? You guys have got to be on something, saying that this fares better than Lara. I mean, this is by no means bad, but Lara carried off her beige outfit with such flair. She exudes a certain je ne sais quois that just cannot be matched by others. The only complaint I had from her outfit was the armpit cleavage or whatever you call it.

    Aamna looks nice in this photo. But by no means does her outfit/appearance strike the viewer in the same way as Lara’s usually does.

    • Exactly my thoughts. It is unfair to compare this dress with that of Lara, her’s was very classy….this resembles a fancy curtain ! This girl is cute and all and hence got away with it but anybody else donning this dress would have made them look really bad

    • i agree and i agree :) compared to the Lara’s is leagues ahead. All i didnt like about lara’s look was really her hair (some actually liked it) and the way it fit on her bust area and Lara has a style which is also leagues ahead.

      This one does not even look like a dress to me, its looks more like a ghagra, and all those strings one the bodice and feathers, very weird. The only saving grace here is the girl herself, had it not been her it would have looked awful.

    • yeah really, on second glance, the dress is actually quite ugly – the wierd stripey things and the stole…..not to mention the feathers.

      • U cannot even compare this to Lara…..That woman has class of her own…Im shocked Tarun Tahiliani would make something like this??!!

  3. She looks pretty and classy, but the dress itself is very meh. Here’s to hoping that no one praises her just for ‘covering up’ or ‘saving the country’s honour’ :P

  4. i think the fact that aamna looks very unassuming plays a huge part in makin it work! i hate to say this but lara was a bit ott in the pics! the poses adn the smiles! but i love lara!!!!

  5. Seriously, what is wrong with Tarun Tahiliani? This material looks like it has been ripped off someone’s old sofa and then he went and glued a feather duster on to it. I would call it chic but only with a K added at the end of the word!

  6. who is this lady? she’s very pretty :)

    is there a clearer photo of the dress? i think some of the fabric details may be lost in this photo.

    not a fan of feathers, unless you are starring on sesame street.

  7. aamna is looking soooooo gorgeous…i agree she is looking far far farrrr better than lara..there is no comaprision between lara and aamna …aamna is soo pretty..she is carring her outfit with so her

  8. I love the feathers on this… its almost old european peasant which is ironice as they could be feathers from a pheasant!
    Love her shoes sparkling behind the feathers. Thumbs up.
    Don’t think it should be compared to Lara just because of the colour pallete. The styling and overall ambience are too different.

  9. I ‘m imagining this made completely from feathers.. *giggle.*

    Although anyone who’s not Tarun Tahiliani might just make it work.


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