A Summer Of Style

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What do you all think of the little that we see of Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla’s latest collection, ‘Summer of Style’ ?

We know, the Bachchan women will be sporting em’, but hopefully a certain Ms. Balan will have better pickings this time?!!?


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  1. Loveeeeee the red lehnga and the beige/gold salwar kurtas. How can someone who makes these lovely outfits have made the Vidya Balan atrocity?

  2. Hmmm…the first beige/gold chudidars, the second white one, the blue one, the red lehenga and the saree are very wearable. Pretty good stuff actually…not over the top like Abu-Sandeep can be.

  3. Only the blue outfit really stands out. The red lehnga looks more Ritu Kumarish. Wearable stuff but maybe they have been in the business too long. Where is the creativity?

  4. I must say that you are very bad at posting your source. Atleast give a link that directs one to the exact page the pictures are from.

    Professionally these are not credible sources.

  5. To the blog owners/writers/updater’s, have you ever checked out Pakistani fashion? it’s very chic, i can name drop some brands if you’re interested.


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