A Graphic Face Off!

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Both Sajid Khan and Tushar Kapoor decided to sport graphic tees at the IIFA Bling for Biba event and while I don’t care for either (Ghost busters on a grown man? Cool and sexy? Really??), but if one must choose, who comes out on the top?

But hey, remember Aftab’s tee from ‘Spider-Man 3’ premiere? Nothing can be as bad as that!!

Try hard much?

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  1. Dont care too much about the Tee or the arm band or the overgrown hair.. but a man with Red Cap – me luv him – Payal nd Pri..

  2. Does anyone know anything about that armband? It’s shown up on Kajol’s, Tanisha’s, and Shah Rukh’s arms. I initially thought – or maybe read? – that they had some significance, but they seem to have become the latest fad? I’d be interested in knowing…

  3. Can forgive a cartoon on a guy’s tee (maybe he totally loves the cartoon or maybe his niece does) but cheesy messages on your tee – come on, you choose, you dare to wear! Then why would someone wear a tee with a bananas that say cool and sexy??

  4. i dont mind the ghostbusters tee (o.k, maybe on someone else!) but a self declared “cool & sexy” ain’t my thing and like priyanka said, whats with the banana, guy?!
    hmmm, about aftab…..not too appealing at this point, but if he was just another random good looking guy at a club, would have even giggled a bit, who knows?!!

  5. hahaha they’re all pretty stupid – aftab’s takes the cake. what is he trying to pull off – its definitely not believable anyway…
    also id prob choose tushar over sajid. gotta give the man for wearing a LOUD red cap.

  6. A cartoon character or a quirky/cheeky/xxxxx message is worth a try when it is good or funny. Or something like pop art. “Trust me, I’m a virgin” sucks and so does ghostbusters. But the mockery of Andy Warhol’s design is the most atrocious.

  7. And how old are these men? LOL

    Are you kidding me… are they actually dressing for “events” in this manner? These ar’nt just… hanging out at home on a sunday and “fixing the kitchen sink drain” clothes?



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