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This soulful songstress quite has a distinctive style of her own. Outfits that just wouldn’t work on anyone else, on her, worn with ease and élan totally work…

High praise? We think not. In a world of cookie-cutter fashion where “sequin” is as commonplace as is the use of the word “couture”, one cannot apreciate individual style enough, as far removed as it may be from our own personal style.

P.S: Totally loving the blue dress with the matte gold jacket on her.



Sona Mohapatra

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Whoever she is, she spoilt a wonderful looking Kanjeevaram saree. I hope the only excuse would be that the saree was not usable and she turned it into to something to wear!!

  2. first of all, who is she?
    secondly.. personal style doesn’t mean putting yourself all out there.. seems like she forgot to wear a salwar/pyjama in the 3rd pic!!!!

  3. thank you for this post :) i am so tired of bolly babes who dress like zoom tv anchors.

    i like the red/grey outfit. nice.

    the pink dress was fine, except for the dupatta. might as well add a shalwar and call it a day.

    in the last pic (bottom right) the dhoti could have worked better with a simpler top.

  4. I think Sona Mohapatra is a friend of PnP’s and they are trying to give the poor girl some much needed PR.

    You guys actually liked the blue dress with the golden dressing gown from a 70’s Hindi movie look? You mean actually LIKED it? What can I say…

    As for that Kanjeevaram sari turned weird sarong meets half dhoti look…it is something my four yr old niece likes to wear when she plays dress up.

    And ‘soulful songtress’? Hullo…she is a very ordinary singer with a very ordinary voice…not Lata Mangeshkar, okay?

  5. Thats Sona…Sona Mahapatra.And I like that she dares to be different in her music as well as her clothes .
    when Lady GaGa does it..its acceptable but when an Indian singer tries her own style..she is snubbed….not fair.

    • i agree
      i’m not a fan of her clothes but i like that she doesnt mind setting herself free of the shackles of brands. and she does have a beautiful voice. i’ve never got the comparisons people make with Lata Mangeshkar – we’ve had plenty of other wonderful voices who played less politics to keep themselves in the spotlight.

  6. The lady is very attractive and does pull off some of the outfits, but the blue dress & gold jacket….good grief! it’s awful, and the pink outfit looks like she forgot the salwar.

  7. you’ve got to be kidding.

    All that the outfits represent are:
    1- poor taste
    2- lack of self awareness re: how to best flatter her body type
    3- ability to pick clothes that are poorly created

    and by the way, i think comparing her to lady gaga is quite silly actually. I’m all for doing your own thing but then you need to take it aaallllll they way out there (like lady gaga). This is a half a** effort that ends up in the ‘what was she thinking’ realm.

  8. OMG …I have ditto CK blue dress but i pair it with silver accessories.Gold and coral is great combo too.

    I totally detest such mix-match /indo western looks like 3rd pic ,she forgot bottoms.
    But i felt she doesnt look dat bad..then i realize its because of her bful face and color combination of dresses.

    Otherwise,anybody cant wear this style without looking ugly.


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