In Phases

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You know, with Simone there are always these phases… Is this the beginning of another one, of throwing belts on loose/easy/voluminous dresses to add some structure and interest to them? If the past record is anything to go by, it just might be…

At ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ Bash
At ’99’ Bash

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  1. Ha! I’ll be damned – it’s not the exact same dress, but a very similar style. She must really hate her arms, she never, ever seems to bare them.

    The blue dress is borderline dowdy, but the red looks fabulous on her.

  2. she looks lovely in the orangish satin dress! it works for her body and like her clutch too. the denim isn’t horrible, but not as great as the other dress

  3. I like the Denim dress better — though I think that shade of red on the bag is a little too warm for that outfit. A deeper shade of red with cooler tones would have looked absolutely awesome IMO!!

  4. she looks whitewashed in that denim dress.. but makes the dress work.. i think she is so stylish in real life and on screen.. now she should be featured in vogue

  5. Simone, has slightly pear shaped body, hence the flared skirt, clever girl, accentuating her positive (read face) and hiding the negatives…clever, clever, clever…and by the way they are not the same dress, the orange one had bell sleeves, and no colllar


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