10th Anniversary Celebrations: Win Accessories From HIDESIGN!

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Congrats Shatakshi (Bag), Pranati (Backpack), Tehi (Wallet), Aust(wallet). You will be hearing from us soon!


Hey everyone! As you may have heard we just completed 10 years this September :) We are extremely thankful to you, our readers. Stay tuned for our incredible giveaways, all week long to celebrate this occasion. Here’s a special one we know you all will want in your closet!

We have four beautiful tan leather accessories to give away courtesy the folks at HIDESIGN from their recently launched Masaai collection. Don’t miss a chance to get your hands on one of these..


To win one of these lovely products, all you have to do is:

1 Tell us the name of the collection for the accessories pictured above. Your hint is here.

2  Like their page on Facebook here or follow them on Instagram here.

3 Leave your answer to the questions above in the comments sections here. Please do not email answers.

Now, the rules!

All comments will be pending moderation until contest closes.
– Contest closes on 25th September.
– There will be a total of 4 winners for this contest who will win one each of the accessories pictured above
– We’ll pick the winners from a random draw from pool of qualified entries from here on the blog. If for any reason, a product is unavailable, one of equivalent value will be provided.
– One entry per person only on the blog please.
– Giveaway open for Indian residents

Good luck!

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  1. Name of the collection: MAASAI COLLECTION
    My Facebook id is chakshushah and I have liked their FB page
    My instagram id is chakshushah and following them on Instagram now.

  2. The accessories are from the Maasai collection.
    Top Left is Kiboko W2 Rf women’s wallet.
    Top Right is Swala W2 Rf women’s wallet.
    Bottom left is Swala 03 women’s handbag.
    Bottom right is Swala 02 handbag.

  3. The collection is is called Masaai collection . Just something I want to share. My mom is a big fan of hidesign and if I win this I am going to give her this bag for sure. She be happy mom . Have completed all the rules. Hope to get through this giveaway.

  4. Hi – The bags belong to the Maasai collection from Hidesign. Liked their FB and Instagram pages. Cheers for your 10th anniversary, have been religiously following you guys since past 8 years now – my daily dose of fashion inspiration.

  5. Lovely bags?These are HIDESIGN from their recently launched MASAAI COLLECTION ( wild beauty)!! Following on facebook ( priyal agrawal) & instagram (priyal_khetan)!! WISH to WIN these gorgeous bags??

  6. Maasai collection-1)KibokoW2(Rf)Women’s Wallet,red 2)SwalaW2 (Rf) Women’s wallet brown 3)Swala 03 Women’s Hand bag , brown 4)Swala 02Hand bag brown

  7. Wishing you a very Happy 10th Anniversary .Congratulations HighHeelConfidential Team . These are from the collection Kiboko And Swala by Hidesign . My instagram handle is – Hakuna121matata.

  8. Name of the collection for the accessories pictured here: “Maasai”

    It is inspired by the Masaai tribes – characterised by the heavy grain leather.

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  9. The answer is “MASAAI COLLECTION”
    It is inspired by the incredible natural beauty & grace of the MASAAI tribe!
    I always loved and adored Hidesign collections! They are worth dying for.. ??????
    Liked on Facebook (Ankita Shri)
    Followed on Instagram (@AnkitaShri_)
    With all my love!
    Fingers crossed ?

  10. The collection is called Masasi collection inspired by Masaai Tribe which is incorporated in the modern way. The Maasai collection exemplifies Hidesign’s commitment to innovative design and detailed craftsmanship.The earthy leather, specially developed for this range has a heavy grain that is further highlighted by hand colouring a two-tone effect.

  11. The answer for the giveaway is MAASAI collection. Already following you and Hidesign on Instagram and Facebook
    Instagram handle @vinitakadam
    Facebook profile /vinikadam

  12. That was an easy one!! The post mentions Masaai collection :)
    Followed Hidesign on FB and Instagram!
    What beauties to go with any western or ethnic outfit!

  13. Big Congratulations HHC…. I m a big fan of urs blog…answer is …the name of the new collection of highdesign is Massai….. Hoping to win…. ?

  14. DONE ! Followed on Facebook and Instagram. The name of the collection is Maasai collection.
    Apologies commenting second time because the spelling of the collection was wrong .


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