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L To R: Shveta Salve, Shilpa Agnihotri, Sanjeeda Sheikh

Major debate had ensued over the Vogue India August cover (if the cover was vogue-worthy or not)… On special request, here is the inside flap of the cover… so tell us now, is the cover after all ‘vogue-worthy’ or, not?

L To R: Gauri Pradhan, Tina Parakh, Resshmi Ghosh, Gautami Kapoor

Since you all asked, here’s what we think:

Priyanka Says:
For me, the cover just doesn’t work. I do appreciate using these ladies on the cover but if the context was portraying them as the ‘influencers’ of style then they should have been portrayed in beautiful Indian clothes. Lets assume that maybe they thought by doing so, they’d be taking the stereotyped ‘tv-bahu’ image too far then they should have gone way over the top with ethnic clothes and done a kitschy-witty play on them with a larger than life set. Assuming, even that got shot down in one of those meetings, it is still beyond me why they’d use television sets as props. Thats just taking a short-cut and being unimaginative. The choice of clothes, accessories and styling of hair is amateur at its best.

Over using these soap actresses, I say why not? Bollywood actresses have long graced fashion mag covers and considering these soaps reach just as many people and almost every day make their presence felt, using them on the cover was a novel idea. If only it was done better.

Anyway, am tired of seeing actresses (of all mediums) on these covers, bring back the models already!

Payal Says:
Well, if Vogue considers them as influencers of style, they should picture them in “character” and not in Dolce/Hermes and Gauri & Nainika which most of them rarely wear anyways and rather use a mix of the other Indian-wear designers…



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Vogue August (Un)Covered

The Vogue India August Issue is dedicated to the TV stars of India, Shweta Salve and others. (I would love it if you can help me identify them because I don’t watch soap operas!) But, I am so disappointed with Vogue India!

We have hotties like Nina Manuel and Candice Pinto, who very well deserve a cover of their own and Vogue goes and features some TV soap opera starlets like these on the covers in what seems like Manish (yawn) Malhotra outfits…

Ms. Priya Tanna, if you are listening, this is not what I want my “Vogue India” to be! (How can we get you to think outside of the box! The Idiot box for now, at least!)


P.S. I already spot the Christian Louboutin Noeud Sandals on the person on the top right as we have already seen on Ms. Malaika Arora Khan.

Edit: Here is the inside flap of the cover…

L To R: Gauri Pradhan, Tina Parakh, Resshmi Ghosh, Gautami Kapoor


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Kareena In Vogue, Decoded

It was just a matter of time before Kareena was featured in Vogue and for her editorial spread, she had the choicest designers’ clothing, all from their Spring Summer 08 collections..the clothes are fabulous, she fantastic, and we, just a bit envious!

Am just a bit in love with paint smeared Dolce and Gabbana. How fabulous is that?

Dolce And Gabbana SS 2008

Kareena in D & G

Gucci SS 2008

Kareena in Gucci

Emilio Pucci SS 2008

Kareena in Pucci

Louis Vuitton SS 2008

Kareena in LV

Hermes SS 2008

Kareena in Hermes

Source, Source and Source

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