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In Missoni

Missoni’s light knit dresses can be quite tricky to wear. Especially darker dresses for which flash can especially be a pain. Wish Ms. Wadhwa had considered a longer slip.

Also, it would’ve looked a lot better had the dress been just a tad longer or if Reena had opted for slightly shorter heels. As it stands, the dress looks a tad short and kills the look even more for us.

Reena Wadhwa At Elle Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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In Threes

Ms. Wadhwa loves working in statement necklaces into her outfits… Three very different looks, all paired with chunky necklaces. However, one look that didn’t quite need one was her most recent appearance at Samsaara.

At the event in question, Reena paired brown cropped pants with a Gucci shirt, Gucci thong sandals, a Gucci bag and multi-strand gold necklace… Which let’s face it, was completely lost in the print of her shirt and unnecessary.

P.S: If the Gucci shirt on Reena (at the Samsaara event) looks familiar, it’s because we’ve seen Natasha and Feroze wear the print in it’s dress version here.

Reena Wadhwa
Left: At Samsaara Event
Centre: At Tarun Tahiliani’s Show
Right: At Audi Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Clutch Spotting

The bag (on the left), I can definitively say, am not fond of. At all. The clutch (on the right) is a whole other story though. I absolutely love the pink Yves Saint Laurent Y Clutch, especially the way it pops against the grey.

The outfits themselves are meh but the clutch makes up for it. And it almost seems like Reena knows it too. ;)


Reena Wadhwa
Left: At Aza
Right: At Devika Bhojwani’s Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Bag Spotting

Speaking strictly of bags considering the outfits aren’t much to write home about, we’ve got to say between the Gucci and the Valentino, we much prefer the Gucci. The Valentino Couture Braided Tote just doesn’t appeal to us much, give us a Maison or a Histoire any day!

P.S: She is carrying the Couture bag in patent leather but the pic below of the bag is of one in leather. Just to avoid any confusion. :P


Reena Wadhwa
Left: At Muse
Right: At Lakme Fashion Week


Left: Gucci Pelham Large Leather Shoulder Tote
Right: Valentino Couture Braided Tote

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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